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How the color of food affects human health

colored foods

Most often, we choose products depending on the useful qualities they possess. Imagine that we can also determine the usefulness of food for our organism based on its color. The fact is that the taste buds work in conjunction with the visual ones, which means that not only taste but also the color of the food is important.


Food, appetizingly cooked from red products and beautifully served (what is not less important), evokes passion, interest in everything new and drives away depression. Red fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, beets, radishes, raspberries, strawberries and red apples stimulate metabolism, improve blood circulation and increase the efficiency of people engaged in intellectual work.

If you want to ignite the fire of love and to renew the passionate impulses of your spouse, cook a romantic dinner of red products!


All white foods – dairy products, rice, pasta, celery root, garlic and onion, cauliflower and cabbage, chicken breast and white fish – have a positive effect on the human nervous system, helps to calm down, relieve irritation and also to eliminate toxins from the body.


Products of orange color, such as pumpkins, persimmons, oranges, tangerines, carrots, peaches, apricots and melons perfectly elevate mood, and therefore help to combat fatigue and apathy. By the way it is recommended to use such products in winter when the body lacks the sun and energy as a whole. Orange foods also help to restore nerve cells and renew muscle cells, relieve headaches, and also help the kidneys to deduce toxic waste.

The orange color represents positive energy that contributes to the dynamism of life. It is the color of optimists and adventure lovers.


Vegetables and fruits of blue or violet color have a large number of biologically active substance “anthocyanin” in their composition. Thanks to this component, the use of such products as eggplants, plums, blue onion, blueberry, honeysuckle and dark grapes protects heart and blood vessels, as well as significantly improves vision and breath. In addition, the “blue diet” is suitable for people who love to meditate, practice yoga, and generally have a religious attitude in life.


Products of yellow color, such as lemons, pineapples, bananas, corn, cheese and egg yolks are recommended for good digestion, appetite improvement and blood purification. Nutritionists often recommend to season salads with lemon juice, it is not only useful for the figure, but also cleanses the blood, liver and promotes good bone formation.

It is believed that the yellow color of food inspires for creativity, promotes intuition and awakens talents. Add yellow color into your home menu, and it will contribute peace and harmony in the family, will help to smooth out the rough edges in your relationships.


All leafy greens and salad greens, broccoli, green peas, gooseberries, cucumbers, green peppers and green apples belong to those products that have a positive effect on brain activity – perfectly cope with stress and increase activity. Thanks to chlorophyll, which is produced in green plants under the influence of solar energy, the use of these vegetables and fruits stimulates the formation of useful red blood cells, activates the immune system and strengthens the defense against various infections.

It is advised to eat foods of green color after a hard day’s work for restoration of forces.


Brown – the color of coffee and chocolate, brown rice and brown sugar, brown beans, buckwheat, some varieties of honey (buckwheat), dates, peel of some fruits and vegetables (potatoes, some winter varieties of pears, kiwi). All of these products help to restore forces, give energy and improve mood. Brown products are recommended for the hearing impaired people, eye diseases and diseases of lungs.

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