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How to avoid standard mistakes with washing machine

How to avoid standard mistakes with washing machine

We are so accustomed to use electrical household appliances – our irreplaceable assistants, that we just do it automatically, without thinking, and accept their job for granted. Gradually, we forget all the nuances associated with the use of these devices, and start to criticize them, but in fact the matter is in ourselves. What mistakes do we make, for example, when washing? Let’s remind ourselves how to handle with a washing machine properly.

  1. Do not forget about the qualitative sorting of laundry before washing.

It still happens sometimes that your white things suddenly turn into pink, because you forgot the red sock in a heap of dirty laundry. To avoid this, check every new colored thing for an ability to molt before washing with other things. To do this, moisten it with water and attach a white cloth – if you see stains, the thing molts so wash it better separately.

  1. Do not use too much detergent.

This applies both to the powder dosing and bleaches. Excess laundry detergent can cause allergies and leave stains on the clothes, especially on jackets or sports shoes, if you wash them in the machine.

  1. Do not use the powder for hand washing.

Typically, hand-washing powder is cheaper. But its danger for the washing machine in that it forms too plentiful foam, which may damage the appliance.

  1. Pay attention to washing modes and icons on the labels of your clothes.

Many experienced housewives are accustomed to wash the entire laundry at one and the same mode, considering it the most optimal. It is not always right, especially when it comes to washing new delicate things. Remember that these modes were invented for a reason.

  1. Do not overload the drum of the washing machine to wash more laundry during one cycle.

The practical application of this is understandable, but in fact, trying to fit as much as possible of laundry into the machine, you’re putting it in danger – the laundry become not only more crumpled, but also it may tear. In addition, the machine with the overloading drum will make a noise, vibrate and even jump.

  1. Zip up the jackets.

Things with buttons should not be washed buttoned because the loops and the threads may come loose. But coats and jackets with zippers, on the contrary, should always be fastened up to the end in order not to spoil the fabric by the zipper cloves.

  1. Pay attention to the pockets.

Be sure to check all the pockets before washing, so there was no money or any small items that can damage the machine. Also, if you do not want your pockets of knitted and crocheted things become ugly stretched after washing, spend a little time to sew them by small stitches.

  1. Do not leave things in the machine after washing.

If the laundry lies more than a day, it will start to smell unpleasantly, and you will have to start the wash cycle again. Ideally, you should pull out the laundry within an hour – if it remains in the machine longer, it will be hard to iron the formed folds.

  1. Use the descaler.

Almost in all our homes the water is very hard, which causes scale formation in the washing machine. If you do not want your device to be out of service in a few years after the purchase, do not neglect the means against the formation of scale, which softens the water and protects parts of the washing machine.

  1. Pay attention on leveling the washing machine.

If you have an uneven floor and the machine strongly vibrates during the spin, put it straight with the help of small boards or tightly folded paper. So you will extend the life of your washing machine, as well as protect the floor from scratches and damage.

These tips are very simple, but still, do not forget about the precautions against damage and for preserving your things after washing.

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