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How to bring up a child. Tips for parents


The joy of the birth of a new family member often obscures the fact that this little man is a person first and foremost. The way how exactly this man will behave, what qualities of character he will show – it all depends on the upbringing. It is not enough – to love much and to pamper not too much. So, what are the ways to raise a child as an independent, outstanding, single-minded and simply holistic personality?

All people are different, all families are different. However, I want to offer a few basic rules that will suit everyone.

1. Praise in public, scold in private!

2. Scold not child, but his actions!

3. Do not attack child with the whole family!

4. Do not rush to console your child, as soon as spouse has scolded him. Try to wait a little bit, showing neutrality. Otherwise, the child will run to you every time, not realizing his guilt.

5. Consult with your child on matters relating to your family – what to cook for dinner, the best way to spend a weekend, what furniture to buy for the house, etc.

6. Create a family tradition of successful negotiations. Ask your child what he feels when involved in decision-making on a par with adults.

7. Let us tell our children that we love them more often!

8. Praise your child for every little thing, and as often as possible, but be sure to explain for what exactly you praise him. Give him a pleasant definition, fixing good behavior or actions: “diligent pupil”, “creative boy”, “neat girl”, “persistent person,” etc.

9. If your child takes offense on you, even from some imaginary minutiae, ask him for forgiveness. Tell how much you love him. The parent capable to apologize to the child causes respect in his eyes. This makes your relationships closer and sincere.

10. Never humiliate your child (“you are not able even to tie shoelaces!”). Tell him: “you will learn”, “you can”, “I’ll help you.”

Do not forget that children learn from their parents. They repeat after us, they are trying to be like us. The main rule of upbringing – to be a good example!

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