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How to change your mood. Power of smells

When sadness is killing us, feeling of guilt, shame, fatigue or just a fleeting gloom, we want to get rid of this emotion. We’re trying to read a book, but the letters don’t look like words when our brain is too busy with self-flagellation… Music is considered to be a good medicine, but we select music for our mood for so long, that it just annoys us. A cup of tea with a friend is not always available, and often we want to be alone in such a state of mood. So what should we do in this case? Wait until it passes by itself?

Of course not! What do you think about the treatment by aromas? Yes, exactly aromatherapy helps! Have you ever noticed that some flavors can magically and drastically cause unexpected emotions and change the emotional background? I want to offer you a few variants of smells that will help you to change the undesirable mood! So, let’s go!


Lavender for a good sleep

Special investigations have proved that lavender is a perfect means for instant relaxation. The aroma of lavender oil helps to calm mind and body, and the concentrated smell of lavender saves from insomnia. Checked by students!

Cinnamon for brain function

This popular spice is loved by many people (though I can’t stand it). Researchers from Wheeling Jesuit University claim that cinnamon improves motility, vision, memory and attention. Maybe I should change opinion… quite useful qualities, don’t you think?

pine needles

Pine needles against stress

Baths from spruce branches are recommended for the treatment of stress and depressions, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, and, by the way, joint pain. Conifers are also used for many other medical purposes – respiratory tract diseases, as anti-fungal agent, for the prevention of flu and acute respiratory diseases.


Jasmine against depression

Another pleasant aroma which is struggling with depression while you enjoy the magnificent flower and its fragrance! It also helps to get rid of insomnia and improves attention.

Freshly cut grass for good mood

Besides the fact that freshly cut grass is damn pleasant smell, it really lifts the mood! It is proved that regular walks in the field of freshly cut grass help to prevent mental decline from fatigue.


Citrus for cheerfulness

The smell of lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit perfectly invigorates and energizes by great mood. If it is hard for you to get up in the morning, put a citrus candle on the bedside table, and you will notice how it helps!


Vanilla against anger

Vanilla is considered to be a lure for girls, although guys won’t pass by vanilla buns serenely. This fragrance beckons! Did you know that this is a perfect remedy for fighting anger and irritation? Vanilla makes people kinder and calmer in the truest sense of the word.


Pumpkin – aphrodisiac?!

Researches of “The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation” have shown that 40% of men find the combination of flavors of pumpkin and lavender exciting and sexual. Unexpectedly, isn’t it!


Mint for concentration of attention

Mint flavor cleanses respiratory system that, in its turn, invigorates and stimulates the brain activity.


Apples against anxiety

Apples really help to get rid of anxiety. In addition exactly the smell of apples is the best remedy against migraine. People who suffer from regular headaches should always keep a source of apple aroma nearby. The healing properties are proven.

olive oil

Olive oil quenches appetite

Scientists of the Institute of Food Chemistry in Germany have found that people become saturated by dish faster when it is dressed exactly with olive oil. Moreover, it is enough just to smell it! If you are watching your weight, smell very low-calorie salad with olive oil and you won’t feel hunger.


Rozmarin for cheerfulness

Rozmarin is a magical alarm clock in the morning! The smell of rosemary not only invigorates, but also combats physical fatigue and headaches.

Do not endure unpleasant feelings when there is a simple solution!

Control your emotions and be happy!

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  • Amanda

    I certainly do love essential oils and love learning about how they affect our bodies!

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