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How to charge the body with energy. Battery-products

This topic is not about coffee, though we remember how often it rescued us when we needed to hold out for the night without sleep, or to wake up in the morning. However, it has many disadvantages, but we want to find win-win methods. So, we will focus on the special battery-products, which will help us to increase internal reserves of organism.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are high-energy products, the use of which quickly raise blood sugar levels, thus they give a boost of energy for physical and mental loads. This fruit is an excellent source of easily assimilable potassium, which is responsible for muscle contraction. You can eat bananas both before and after a workout.


  1. Apples

Apples are rich in a substance called quercetin. It stimulates muscle cells and the production of energy. It is believed that regular consumption of apples and apple juice helps to prevent the destruction of brain cells process leading to memory loss.


  1. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of magnesium, which provides protein synthesis. It increases the body’s stamina and is assimilated easier than those from the pharmacy. Substances of pumpkin seeds have a positive effect on the stability of the nervous system, improve memory and speed of storing information.

Pumpkin seeds

  1. Walnuts

These nuts contain omega-3 acids, which are useful for a good metabolism. Also, the use of walnuts “slows down” the assimilation of carbohydrates. Moreover, do not forget that walnuts are not in vain similar to brain, because they are beneficial for its work.


  1. Honey

Sugars contained in honey are converted into glycogen, which acts as energy reserves in the body. Such components of honey as phosphorus, calcium, and iron are also responsible for energy.


  1. Mate tea

The invigorating effect of theophylline and theobromine, combined with caffeine, make this drink a great source of strength and energy.

Mate tea

  1. Eggs

Chicken eggs contain such a required for our body substance as the amino acid leucine, and vitamin B complex which are responsible for energy at power loads.


  1. Red meat

Beef and veal contain bioactive iron, which contributes to the accumulation of oxygen in the blood. In addition, it is a source of B vitamins, creatine and zinc. It is important to combine red meat only with vegetables (excluding potatoes).

Red meat

  1. Seafood

Seafood is rich in vitamin B12, which is a natural source of energy, as well as tyrosine which increases the production of norepinephrine, which as it is known imparts strength and cheerfulness.


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