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How to choose the right gift

Dear men, what kind of reaction have you got while congratulating your beloved women today? And you, dear women, were you delighted receiving your presents? Choosing a gift can be often if not a torture, but a way to confuse us. After all, we do not always know what our friends, relatives or colleagues at work really want or consider as useful. There is also such question which worries us much more – what to give the person who has everything.

Do not be upset when the next celebration is on the way. We will try to simplify your life. Follow these tips and they will help you to survive the next shopping trip!

bad-giftTo begin with, what WE SHOULDN’T GIVE.

Do not even think about the gifts with a hint of age and appearance, resembling anti-aging creams, scales, epilators, a set of deodorants, gels and shampoos. Most often it is regarded exactly as a hint, not as a useful thing. Exception is a rare French eco-scrub for example, which a girl has long been looking for, or could not afford because of the price.

If we are talking about women again, do not give household items, such as the notorious pans, mixers and teapots. At least, she can be offended that her place is in the kitchen while you are renewing the time spent there each day. If, however, you have decided to make such a gift, you should choose something that can reduce the time for cooking, and save time for her (eg multicooker).

Avoid useless things – another organizer for a colleague, figurines or stuffed toys bought on the way. Such things only litter the house. Before purchasing always ask yourself a question – do I want to have it?

When buying flowers, be more original. The bouquet of red roses is certainly luxurious and stylish, but very boring.

Useful-GiftsSo, what WE SHOULD GIVE our dearest people to please them.

Give impressions. Psychologists claim that impressions are more important than things. People are happy to get a new enjoyable experience, an adventure, or procedures.

Give certificates for skydiving, scuba diving or spa, trips (for a couple of days to the nearby town or a week in Paris), tickets to a concert of your favorite band. Everything that concerns the actions is suitable, taking into account character and preferences of the person.

Give useful things. A great option if you know exactly what a person needs – a new computer mouse, battery for iPhone, a stylus or some kind of other device. Think what might be useful and could please focusing on hobbies – cheerful USB-hub, sketchbook, sports bag, subscription for carving or floristics courses.

On the eve of the celebration, listen carefully what your friend says. Perhaps accidentally you will “catch” his wishes in a conversation or notice an admiring gaze on something while walking together through the store.

And the last piece of advice – make a purchase in advance. Do not leave it until the last moment, when all your plans can be broken. Even when it comes to flowers, make a pre-order (at least ask a florist near the house to save a bouquet for you). It is nice to be assured that you have everything under control.

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