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How to clean the stove grates

Kitchen is a favorite place for many people. Someone loves to cook, and gets lost among the pots and spoons, creating culinary masterpieces; someone likes to eat, and oversees the work of others. Whoever you are, the kitchen is also a place that requires cleaning more often than the other rooms. Very few of us like to clean kitchen appliances, especially the stove. But we know one secret that will ease this work.

dirty stove

To clean the grille from the stove, you will need: plastic zipper bags in size of the grates and ammonia. Pour ammonia in a bottle with a spray. Spray ammonia on the grates, put them into the bags and fasten. Leave overnight.

grates in bags

The next day, rub the grates by a normal sponge for dishes, but without taking them out of the package. Dirt will easily depart and will remain in the package, that is very convenient. So, you need just to rinse the grates with water, and that’s all. This method is also suitable for cleaning of the grill from oven.

clean grate

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