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How to clean the washing machine from mold

We are so accustomed to use the washing machine that even not looking at it we carelessly throw dirty things inward and leave. But sometimes you should pay attention to your dear and irreplaceable helper. And it’s preferably to do it before you feel that it blows by dampness and mustiness from your washing machine, and even worse, the black spots have appeared on the rubber sealing ring.


All these are signs of mold. Any housewife knows how difficult it is to get rid of such a trouble. Of course, sometimes it’s easier not to bring your home appliances to such pitiable state, so try to look after it more carefully, and it will be easier in future. But do not despair; there is a way to solve this problem.

In order to remove the fungus and prevent its returning to a favorite place, it is necessary to deprive it of a comfortable environment. The mold does not tolerate acid, high temperatures and dryness. To clean the washing machine, you need to influence the harmful fungus by acid, high temperature and to dry well the rubber gasket.

If you buy an expensive special tool for cleaning the washing machine in the store, you don’t get a guarantee of success. And this method is beneficial because it is budgetary, and doesn’t require large expenditures. This recipe will not bring you much discomfort, and at the same time, it is effective!

So, you will need:

– a liquid detergent, preferably with chlorine;

– 2 pieces of cloth or sponges (which you will throw away afterwards);

– tight household gloves;

– 25 grams of citric acid.


First, remove the dirt – clean the inner surface of the machine by an ordinary napkin or a paper towel. Then take any liquid detergent and apply it on a rubber ring – wherever we can get it. Close the door and leave the detergent for 2 hours. After this time, turn on the washing machine in the rinse cycle to wash out the detergent. Then, pour the citric acid into a compartment for powder and start washing at the highest possible temperature, which is available for your machine.

As a result, you get thoroughly cleaned washing machine. In order to permanently remove the mold and prevent its occurrence, repeat the procedure several times a month.


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