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How to clean wood kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Greasy layer, food particles and dust accumulate on the cabinets and each day it is more and more difficult to remove them.

What should we do? There are some effective recipes!

How to clean wood kitchen furniture


Kitchen is the room in the house that requires daily cleaning and hygiene. However, even the daily work can be not enough and a terrible fatty layer accumulates anyway, which is harder to remove than ordinary dirt. Any housewife knows, if you don’t have time to wash the cooking surfaces thoroughly every day, the grease is quickly transformed into stable, indelible grime.

Economical housewives resort to folk remedies, which are often more effective than chemical agents.

These tools include:

– soda;

– salt;

– acetic acid and malic acid;

– lemon and zest;

– mustard powder;

– vodka and alcohol.

If you are using such means, before applying you need to wet the panels of kitchen furniture with hot water. After 5-10 minutes, sprinkle the sponge with baking soda or mustard and rub the contaminated sites from fat. If this is not enough and the dirt is not washed off, you can make a special mixture. Take one of the ingredients. Mix with water to form slurry, smear the grease by it and wait a bit. It is possible to add acid.

Tincture of lemon zest and vinegar is also a great choice for cleaning. You will get an excellent result and a pleasant citrus scent!

Another way to clean any surface is to mix vinegar and vodka in a glass in equal parts, add a couple drops of essential oil. Pour the liquid into a bottle with a sprayer and irrigate the dirty surfaces.

The agents for polishing are expensive and very harmful to health. Take an ordinary potato, cut lengthwise and rub the surface of the furniture. The effect is not worse than that of spray from the store.

If you have wooden furniture in the kitchen, and your cabinets already need to be updated, do not despair – you can rehabilitate them to look like new!

You will need soda and sunflower oil. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 3: 2, stir until the consistency of sour cream (medium density). You will get a kind of scrub. Apply with a soft cloth on a contaminated wooden surfaces of your kitchen, and little effort to rub fatty plaque (especially dirty cabinets above the stove), then rub the rest of the settled dust. If the dirt is stubborn, use a soft brush or a toothbrush. The soda will crumble a little and the oil will soak into the wood. So, gradually the wood starts to “revive” and breathe from within, become brighter and look like fresh and new.

This paste works as follows: the oil dissolves the similar fat and removes from the dried state. The soda washes and collects the oil from the surface.

This nourishing and cleansing scrub should be applied at least 2 times per month. It not only preserves the purity, but also protects against dryness and excessive moisture. You can process any wooden surface by this method (dishes, doors, picture frames). However, such a mixture is not desirable to use on the furniture of light shades.

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