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How to cook meat. Tasty secrets

cook meat

The meat becomes more tender, if you moisten it with vodka for an hour before cooking.

You can pour soy sauce on the meat, leave it for the night, and fry the next day. It will be very juicy.

If you cook beef or mutton, before baking it is recommended to salt the meat, pepper, and stuff with garlic if you like such a piquancy, and then wrap the meat with a banana peel. Fix the skin with a culinary thread, put the meat on a baking sheet and set in a preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. The peel of banana has unique properties which make hard lean meat soft and juicy.

In order to turn hard beef into tender and soft meat, you should place the beef on a sizzling hot pan. Fry the meat on high heat for 3-5 minutes. Add a little water, cover and reduce the heat. Chop the root of the ginger and put it to stew with the meat. The composition of ginger juice includes a substance that breaks down the proteins and makes the hard meat soft. It is enough to simmer beef with ginger for 30-40 minutes.

In order to soften the old meat, take a lemon crust. Slice the meat into pieces across the fibers and lay them on a hot frying pan. Add some lemon crusts. Do not throw away the crust at the end of cooking. Take them out, rub with a spoon and stir with the meat juice, which was released during frying. Lay the beef on a plate, pour by the juice and decorate with a branch of greens and carrots.

Never salt meat directly before frying, it will lose a lot of juice and turn out to be tasteless. Add salt during the frying, or even better – at the very end of cooking.

If you want to cook juicy meat, for an hour or half an hour before cooking the meat, you should add a kiwi puree – just pound it with a fork and mix with the meat. The acid in the kiwi content softens meat and gives it a delicate taste. But don’t leave the meat in the kiwi puree for more than one hour, if overexposed, it becomes tasteless, too soft.

Another option to give juiciness to meat – soak it for a couple of hours in onions. Grind several onions in a blender and pour meat in this juicy gruel so that the juice covers the meat. Then, get the meat from the onion, and fry in a frying pan or on a fire – the soft and juicy meat is guaranteed!

meat cooking chart

meat cooking

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