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How to eliminate unpleasant odors

How to eliminate unpleasant odors1. Such products as fish or garlic leave an unpleasant smell on your hands even if you hold them just for a couple of seconds. You can get rid of the odor by rubbing hands with salt, and then washing them with soap and water.

2. Toothpaste helps almost in 100% of cases, but if you want to get rid of the garlic smell from the mouth, but the desired paste is not at hand, try to chew parsley.

3. If the smell of fish from the pots and pans does not disappear even after the means for dishwashing, rub them with heated salt and then rinse thoroughly.

4. The smell of onions can be removed from the kitchen boards and cutlery by rubbing them by dry salt.

5. If you are concerned about an unpleasant smell in the kitchen, you can do the following: boil water in an open pan with vinegar and ventilate the room in a few minutes. Another way is to put a crust of orange or lemon on a heated hotplate, or seek help from the salt again and pour a little on the hotplate.

6. We all know how annoying the smell of burnt milk spilled on a hot stove can be. We can localize the incident in order to prevent the spread of odor. To do this, you should sprinkle the flooded place with salt and cover by wet paper.

7. To remove the smell of paint from the room, you need to rub garlic and leave it for a while in the room.

8. The smell of oil paint in the apartment will disappear faster if you put several dishes with salt in a few places.

9. It is difficult to remove the smell of tobacco from the room even with the help of strong draft. But we can do the following: open the windows and put 2-3 wet towels in different parts of the room. They absorb well the smell of tobacco. Another way is to light a few candles in the room where people smoked.

If the room is impregnated with the smell of cigarettes, you should wash the light bulbs. When the light is on, the light bulbs heat up and give off the same odor. Periodically wipe them and this problem will not arise.

10. Vinegar, like salt, helps to combat unpleasant odors. Put a dish with distilled vinegar in the room overnight, and in the morning the air will be fresh.

If you add a little vinegar in the hot coals in the fireplace, it will help to kill the smell of burning.

Vinegar will also help to eliminate bad smell in the refrigerator, if you regularly wash it with warm soapy water and then wipe it with a cloth soaked in acetic water.

Pour 2.5 cups of vinegar into the tank of the toilet, leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse off the water. Freshness is guaranteed.

When you are cooking very fragrant food, put a plate of vinegar next to the stove. The vinegar will absorb the smell and prevent it from spreading through all the rooms.

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