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How to extend the shelf life of products

I’d like to offer you a portion of useful tips how to store some products in order to prolong their freshness.

If you have bought berries, and you need to extend their shelf life, soak them in a weak solution of vinegar (one part vinegar to ten parts of water). Then drain this water, rinse with cold water and place into the refrigerator. There will be no taste or smell of vinegar.


If you are not going to eat a pineapple immediately, tear off its leaves and turn upside down. In this form it will ripen faster if not ripe, and will be stored for longer.


Before you put lettuce into the fridge, wrap it in a paper bag or foil. Do not pick off the sluggish yellow leaves to remain the fresh core for longer.


If you have the remains of greenery which starts to turn yellow, do not throw it away. Chop it finely, mix with olive oil or melted butter, and spread out into molds for ice. Then these cubes can be used during cooking of various dishes – handy to add into soups or pasta.


Wrap the bunch of bananas by the scotch tape as it is shown at the picture, or by cling film. Thus bananas will blacken 3-5 days later than usual.


Lubricate chicken eggs with vegetable oil before placing them into the refrigerator and put them into cells by the sharp end down. Thus, they will be stored for three to four weeks longer.


If you store potatoes with apples, they will not germinate. Due to the fact that apples contain ethylene, it will not allow the potatoes to sprout.

potatoes and apples

If you don’t want the cheese to dry out, lubricate a fresh cut by a slice of butter.


Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator.


Store the mushrooms in a paper bag, not polyethylene. So they will remain fresh longer.



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