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How to freeze foods properly


End of the season of fresh fruits and vegetables does not mean that it is time to become sad. Many housewives freeze foods to have them on hand at any time of the year. However, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. Sometimes it happens when we take a package of frozen greens out of the fridge, it melts, the water flows, and it is already hard to imagine it is edible. Let’s learn how not to make such mistakes, not to spoil the products and to stock them for winter successfully!

Apricots, plums

Cold winter days can be more pleasant if you take such a fruit out of the freezer – it will be like fresh! It is important to approach the matter correctly – first wash them, remove bones from the fruit and put them into plastic bags with zipper.

Apples, quinces, pears

You need to wash the fruit, cut into small slices, then put into a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. This is necessary to ensure that they will not darken. Then you need to dry the fruits a little on a tray and put them into the freezer. Next, put the fruit into the bags with zipper.


Any berries are suitable for freezing, just undergo this process in different ways. One kind preserves the form and taste better, and the other – a little bit worse. You can freeze raspberries, blackberries, currants, wild strawberries and strawberries. It is possible to freeze the whole berries or grind them in a blender, adding a little sugar. In winter, such delicious mixture is perfectly suitable as filler for a sweet yogurt or smoothies.

Green peas, sweet corn, asparagus beans

Blanch these foods before freezing, then cool, lay out on a clean soft cloth. After that you should sort them in bags with zipper and place into the freezer.

Bell pepper

It is best to freeze peppers of large sizes for salads and medium – for stuffing. Freeze them whole, and then put them one into another, to make small pyramids.


You should grate the carrots on a coarse grater and spread out in the plastic bags with zipper. Then, place them into the freezer. For the vegetable mixture, cut the carrots into small cubes and blanch. When they are cooled, place into the freezer.

Eggplants, zucchini

Cut the vegetables into small cubes or circles, then spread out in plastic bags and place into the freezer. It is ideal for soups.


Before freezing it is necessary to blanch the cauliflower, disassemble into florets and place into the plastic bags.


This vegetable is not necessary to blanch before freezing. You should thoroughly wash it, dry it, divide into florets and freeze by placing into the plastic bags or containers.


If you want to freeze small tomatoes it is better to leave them whole, making small punctures. This is to ensure that they do not burst. If you have large tomatoes it is advisable to slice them into small rings or cubes before placing into the freezer.


I have recently learned that people not only dry mushrooms as usual, but also freeze them! You need to clean them, wash, dry and place into the plastic bag with zipper.


It is best to freeze it in containers and store in the fridge of dry freezing. Previously you should wash your favorite greens and cut at your own discretion – coarsely or finely (for salads or soups).

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