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How to get out of a sinking car

get out of a sinking car

To survive in an extreme situation, it is better to know how to act in advance, because you have extremely little time. The rescue team told how to get out of the car, which fell into the river or the lake and is drowning.

Once the car has touched the water, unfasten the strap and open the window.

Immediately get out through the window until the car has gone under the water.

Rescuers warn: you have about a minute for these 2 steps until the car has sank.

Do not try to open the door – you just waste time. It will not succumb anyway, because the water presses on it from the outside. Remember this sequence: “unfasten the belt, open a window and get out” – follow these rules, it is your real chance to survive.

It is easiest to open the window with a manual power window, but with electronic the chances are also high. The rescuers note that according to the results of the tests the electronics will work for at least 10 minutes from the moment of immersion into the water.

If you can’t open the window, you need to break it.

Do not try to break the windshield. It will not work – to improve safety in collisions it is made from triplex.

On the internet you can also find inexpensive tool for easy breaking automotive glass (it is desirable to have such a thing, just in case). Another option – you need to keep in the car at hand a heavy object with a pointed tip. A hammer, a wrench, a heavy screwdriver will do. If you do not have these things, use a removable headrest pin, a heel-stud, your own elbow – anything. You need to aim at the corner – it’s easier to smash the glass, not in the center – it will spring.

If there are children in the car, push out them first.

If children are with you, the rescuers recommend this sequence: you need to unfasten your belt, open the window, unfasten and push out first the older child, and then the younger one. After that, you get out of car. So there is more chance of saving everyone.

If you could not get out of the window, wait until the car’s interior is filled with water and open the door.

Of course, this is the most controversial way, because you have to wait until the interior of the car is filled with water – then the pressure inside and out will equalize. When this happens, take deep breath of the last air, open the door and get out. The rescuers strongly advise to hold on tightly to the door handle while the water fills the interior. Remember that it will not open easily. Perhaps it will have to be squeezed out with your feet.

To understand where to swim under water, follow the air bubbles.

It is very easy to lose orientation in space in water, especially in turbid water. To get to the surface, swim in the direction of rising air bubbles.

The most important rule and the most difficult in this situation is not to panic, but to try to remember the correct sequence of actions.

Do not waste your time trying to call anyone, get out of the car by yourself. Do not expect that the rescuers come quickly. While the help arrives and get you out, you can already drown and choke.


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