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How to get rid of cough

Spring is time of flowerings, chirping of birds, short skirts, light blouses and colds. Be careful and do not rush to undress up to the swimsuit! But if you have already caught a cold and terrible coughing already overpowers you, do not rush to the pharmacy. To begin with, try to use some home remedies that have no side effects on the state of health. So, here are a few recipes to get rid of cough:

1) You will need a cabbage leaf, honey and salt. You should scald the leaf with boiling water and immediately lubricate it with a mixture of honey and salt (1: 1). While it is still hot, you need to attach a cabbage leaf to the chest or to the back. Important – do not apply it on the heart area! Cover the leaf by polyethylene, in order not to stain your clothes and blanket, and carefully wrap up the patient or wrap yourself. After some time, you can remove the leaf. When this miraculous mixture is absorbed into the skin, it will help to cope with a cough.

2) Such product as boiled and baked pears is not only tasty, but also useful! A decoction of dried pears is an excellent means with a strong cough and gasp, in addition, it quenches your thirst at a high temperature. The recipe is as follows:

take 1 glass of chopped dried pears, pour them by 500 ml of water, and simmer for 20 minutes. Then, wrap them in warm and infuse for 4 hours. Strain and drink the decoction in warm form 100 ml 4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

3) For preparation of the next life-saving recipe, you should chop 2 ripe bananas, pour 200 ml of hot water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain the resulting decoction and add a little honey. Drink it in warm form.

4) Another interesting treatment option for dry cough – take 10 dates, fill them with 500 ml of water and boil for 30 minutes. Strain and squeeze the fruit. Drink hot with dry cough. One more variant – to boil 6-7 dried dates in 200 ml of milk.

5) Take 30 grams of raisins, fill them with cold boiled water and leave for 45 minutes. Decant in a colander. Eat raisins with hot milk before going to bed. Such remedy helps even with a strong cough.

6) Mix 2 tablespoons of grated apples, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of grated onion. Take this remedy in warm form, 1 teaspoon 4-7 times a day. It’s not as disgusting as it may seem, and very helpful.

7) The following recipe helps to relieve the child’s cough. Take 1 apple, 1 onion and 1 carrot of approximately equal weight, and rub on a small grater. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and stir well. It is recommended to give this mixture to children in amount of 1 teaspoon in warm form, 4-5 times a day.

8) This recipe may scare you, but it is very effective. Take 10 onions, cut them into cubes. Chop 1 head of garlic. Pour all of this with 500 ml of milk, and boil until soft. Add mint and linden honey into the mixture and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Strain and drink 1 tablespoon several times a day.

Stay healthy and good luck!

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