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How to get rid of sugar dependence

How to get rid of sugar dependenceLet’s talk about such a bad habit like sugar. Yes, it is a habit that we can and should get rid of! Every day brings new evidence that sugar is addictive. We “eat” sugar without noticing it, without thinking, in passing. We use about half a cup of sugar per day, which exceeds the norm by three times.

Of course it is more difficult to get rid of sugar than it seems, even if we are fully determined. It is a nutritional supplement number one, which is found almost everywhere: in beverages, bread, sauces, dressings, all semi-finished products, including low-fat foods.

There is concern that it is very difficult to get rid of dependence due to the influence of hormones and neurotransmitters on brain. However, with the right approach it is possible to get rid of this craving to eat something sweet. A few tips from the specialist on healthy eating will help you to reduce the amount of sugar in menu.

So the first point – make a plan for a month (or more). Of course a sharp transition to a different style of nutrition is not a solution. The best plan – try to switch to a new ration gradually, step by step, giving the body and your taste time to adapt. Even if you consider yourself to be strong and resolute man, a complete rejection of sugar from the first day is not the best way to change life. Experience has shown that a humane, gentle approach works much better. And never forget that the organism does not like the sudden change, it has to get used to. Evaluate your the situation realistically, define the period of such an “accustoming” for yourself and stick to the plan. And remember, you will succeed!

Determine the main source of sugar in your ration. Remember what you eat and drink every day. The main points: sodas and pastries. How much ready-made fruit juices and soft drinks do you buy? How many spoons of sugar do you put into a cup of tea? Do you often snack with sweet yogurts and desserts? Or maybe your day is not complete without biscuits or muffins… When you have analyzed your menu, you know exactly where you should reduce the dose. Start small – adding sugar into your tea put one spoonful less than usual, take 3 liters of juice for a week instead of the usual 5 liters, and so on. Gradual disaccustoming will not cause discomfort. The main thing is to maintain the enthusiasm and not get hung up on avoiding sugar as the goal.

Choose natural products. Of course it is difficult in today’s world. The selection of such products is huge! Sugar is hidden in cakes, cookies, ice cream, popcorn, muesli, snacks, condiments, sauces and spices. If you stick to a diet and choose low-fat products, be careful – they are frequently advertised as healthy, but they are often too much processed. Sugar or sugar substitutes are used instead of fat. Replace the ready meals and semi-finished products by the natural products, but as well – slowly. Cook your own meals, so you will significantly reduce the consumption of sugar in the long term.

Sleep – the best helper! How is sleep associated with sugar? Good rest will help to cope with dependence as well as sweets helped to get it. We all know that a person needs to rest 7-9 hours a day. Special studies have shown that the lack of just a couple of hours of sleep leads to overeating and food addiction. Teens who sleep less, consume sweets twice as often as the others! This leads to an increased appetite in adulthood and addiction to high-calorie food. No wonder it is said, has not slept in time, ate too much. But seriously, healthy sleep is 90% of the human health.

The recommendations are quite simple. It remains to tune in the right mood and start acting! Good luck!

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