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How to improve digestion

Correct operation of the organism – the guarantee of health. Good digestion – a minimum of excess kilograms. We all want to be fit and healthy, and for this purpose we need to monitor our nutrition and eating habits. Of course, there are some rules that help. For example, chew food thoroughly, do not eat on the go, eat consciously without reading a newspaper and watching TV.

But these rules are effective only in conjunction with the use of the right foods. Moreover, there are products that are able to accelerate digestion. They provide a regular activity of the intestine and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol, bile acids and toxins. Let’s find out what kind of products they are.

Whole wheat bread

Whole grain bread – the best product for digestion. The point is that during the processing of grain into flour, all the necessary substances for our body are stored. Only 2 slices of rye bread a day help to achieve normal digestion.

Whole wheat bread


This product contains a lot of protein, iron and zinc, and cellulose (16 g in 1 cup of cooked product). Of all the legumes lentils are best digested without causing any digestive problems.



This fruit is considered to be one of the best products to speed up metabolism, which easily eliminates many problems associated with digestion and improves the intestinal microflora. A medium-sized avocado contains 12 grams of cellulose tissue.



All cereals are useful for the organism. One serving of any porridge satisfies a third daily requirement of organism in cellulose tissue, well saturates the body and satisfies hunger. Porridge combined with fruit and honey is a great option for breakfast.



Spinach is a valuable a source of iron, beta-carotene and insoluble cellular tissue. It is called “broom” for the intestines because it contributes to its proper operation and therefore, to weight loss; it also helps to rid the body of toxins, as well as is easy to digest.



These nuts are famous for high content of cellular tissue, so eating almonds helps the good work of the digestive system. Almonds stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria, thereby improving the work of the digestive tract and increasing immunity. Thus, physicians often recommend eating almonds after taking antibiotics, in order to improve intestinal microflora.



One of the most delicious means to improve digestion – prunes. Eat them with pork, and it will mitigate the effects of junk food. It works with all hardly digestible food.


The next delicious helper – persimmon. This fruit contains a lot of pectin, which allows calling it an extremely useful product for digestion. In addition, it is a remarkable bactericidal agent which saves the body from Escherichia coli and staphylococcus.


Flax seeds

Another remedy for good digestion – brewed flax seeds. They make the intestines work better, reduce its ability to absorb toxins and have a calming effect.


Homemade yogurt completes our list. This is one of the best products for digestion, which you can eat even before bedtime. The high content of good bacteria improves the work of bowel, and milk protein in the composition of yogurt is absorbed very rapidly.


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