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How to increase brain speed

How to increase brain speed

Sometimes it is very difficult to adjust ourselves to the solution of some problems, focus on some specific matter, thoughts are confused, and attention goes astray towards some kind of unnecessary details. Someone may call it laziness, someone – inattentiveness. But the crux of the matter is that it can be solved! We can customize our organism as we need. Not all people are able to find the key even to their own body, but it all comes with experience. As for the attentiveness and the ability to focus properly, there are very simple tricks that will help us. Here are some of them.


1. Take away from the desktop everything except things necessary for the job. Frames, figurines, toys, all cute stuff – distracting tinsel, which terribly interferes to focus on the work.

2. Turn off the Internet! If it is needed for work, remove all the unnecessary shortcuts, panels, notifications, tabs, and close access to all the superfluous things. Limit your computer by a small number of programs needed for the current job.

3. Coffee and donuts. The combination of caffeine and glucose improves attentiveness.

4. Chewing gum improves concentration better than caffeine, although the effect lasts only 20 minutes.

5. The process of drawing and sketching helps to concentrate. If you think about the problem and simultaneously draw something, it will increase concentration and enhance memory.

6. Think of smart people – famous scientists, entrepreneurs. Thoughts about smart people give birth to the flow of associations (“genius,” “talented,” “gifted”), which in turn give rise to the right mental attitude. The effect lasts for about 15 minutes.

7. Try to avoid being alone. Communicate with other people, be interested in their lives. Solitude is not only impairs cognitive abilities (thinking, spatial orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning, speech, ability to reason…), but it can even lead to premature death.

8. Physical exercises. For example, during a morning run, you have time to think about a lot.

9. Listen to classical music. Any other music gives either neutral or negative effect.

10. Try to get enough sleep. Though Leonardo Da Vinci was content with small – he slept for 15-20 minutes every 4 hours, practicing polyphasic sleep. Do not forget that organisms are different, and different people require different sleep duration. Do not imitate the sleepless elite.

11. If you are looking for inspiration, solution or idea, take a horizontal position. The level of noradrenaline reduces in the supine position, which leads to relaxation, increasing of creativity and, ultimately, to the solution.

12. Believe in yourself. Convictions affect the cognitive abilities. Even wearing a simple white gown improves accuracy and attentiveness.

13. Learn to enjoy the work. Praise yourself for successes, and fine for gaffes! “I will not go to the cinema, until I finish this job.” “I will not eat this cake until I finish the chapter.” It sounds perhaps ridiculous, but it works.

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