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How to keep memory of the journey

Every journey comes to an end some day. We bring million photos, souvenirs and, of course, the inexpressible experiences. How not to lose all the memories about the trip? After all, time passes, new events of life replace the old ones; we change the USB drive on the camera and rush forward a new country and a new travelling.

So, if you’re going on a trip, you will definitely want to remember it in then every detail. Make notes about your journey! Your personal notes will keep your memories and the gained experience! And over time, they will help you to recall those incredible emotions that you felt once. So, here are some travel tips:


The first thing you should do before you go on a journey is to buy a lightweight, yet lasting notebook in hardcover. It is better to choose the notebook on a spiral or with ties; its size should not be very large – according to the size of your bag, which you take with you as your hand luggage, going on a train or plane.

Make sure to have a good pen (preferably more than one) in your travel bag and some colored pencils or markers, a small plastic ruler, scissors and a glue stick of good quality.

Take a large paper envelope and glue it in advance on the inside cover of your notebook. It is convenient to fold all sorts of memorable scraps of paper: clippings, used tickets, business cards of hotels and restaurants, paper menus and checks. When you have free time, you can then glue them into your notebook with explanatory descriptions. All these little things will serve as a good reminder of your journey. Seeing them at home, you will remember funny stories that happened with you: a ridiculous hairstyle of waiter, chatty neighbor from the opposite room, a casual acquaintance in the nice cafe… Checks and receipts from purchases will remind you of the joy of shopping, or dishes that you tasted.


Be sure to date your notes! Glue the memorable papers during the whole your journey, but if you can’t do this in time, leave an empty space in the notebook in order to do it later.

Any trifle may serve as a nice memory – a small pebble or a lovely shell from the beach, a cute bracelet, bought from the local aborigine, a button, you have torn off climbing the mountain for a beautiful flower. Many people bring with them some sand in a glass jar, and sign it – on which beach and what year it was taken.


Photographs. We all love to take pictures. Do not make banal photos, try to vary the poses and places. Be original and do not be afraid to seem comical. These photos cause more emotions than standing “at attention” on a background of a palm tree or a museum. Take spontaneous photos, photos of people with whom you have met, or strangers on the street. Incidentally, it is also important how to greet strangers in a foreign country.

It is fashionable to make retro photos. Try to find a Polaroid camera and take it with you on trips. They look amusing, and are printed instantly. You can also use disposable cameras. They are widespread now; you can buy such camera almost everywhere. It is suitable for adding photos to your notebook immediately.

polaroid photo

Sign the pictures with enthusiasm. Do not include publicly available information; describe your feelings, emotions and impressions from the seen.

Plan time for making notes – before going to bed or before breakfast (depending on type of your trip). Details are slipping from our memory rather quickly, so immediately write down all the activities, discussions, events and contact information about the people you met, so that nothing is missed. All this will help to refresh your memories through the years.

Do not forget how to behave in a foreign country. Wishing you unforgettable trips!

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