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How to maintain beauty and health. Part 1

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Eat a spoonful of flaxseed every morning on an empty stomach. You should eat it carefully chewing and washing down with a glass of water. After 20 minutes, you can start your breakfast.


This simple measure will help you to cleanse the organism (intestines) from slags and toxins. Your skin will become more smooth and fresh. There will be a small but healthy weight loss.

a spoonful of flaxseed

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Train yourself to eat a salad of boiled beets on a daily basis. This may be breakfast, lunch or dinner, as it is convenient for you.


In addition to a valuable set of vitamins, the beet is a vegetable that perfectly cleanses the blood. Blood health is an important aspect. This simple habit has a positive effect on the condition of skin and internal organs.

a salad of beets

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Another necessary habit will preserve youth of your skin. It is recommended to apply a mixture of glycerin and vitamin E on your face every day, an hour before bedtime. The preparation of this remedy is not difficult. Take 30 grams of glycerin and 10 capsules of vitamin E. Pierce the capsules by a needle and squeeze the oil into the bottle (everything can be purchased at any pharmacy).

Application: you need to pre-clean the skin of your face and make a gentle massage with a soft brush. When you see a little blush, the cells are maximally ready to absorb the nutrients. After using, the skin will be a little sticky because of the glycerin. You can sprinkle face by a refreshing tonic to alleviate the discomfort. But this is not a critical flaw.


Your skin will not stay in debt! Every morning you will notice the positive effect – wrinkles are obviously less noticeable, the complexion is much smoother. It’s worth it to try.


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Do you like nuts? It’s time to love them! The use of nuts knows no bounds! However, do not overdo it. The high content of vitamin E in nuts makes them indispensable helpers for maintaining the beauty of skin, hair and nails. It is helpful to eat nuts in various skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Eat at least 50 grams of nuts (any, on your taste) on a daily basis.


You will get healthier hair and nails already in 2 weeks.

50 grams of nuts

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Once in three days, it is recommended to do a special hair mask. Take a powder of dry mustard, then dilute it to the consistency of porridge with vegetable oil (preferably to choose burdock oil, or wheat germ oil). Apply to wet hair, hold for 20-30 minutes, and wash off (it will take several times, because of the oil).


After a month of regular use of such a mask, your hair will increase in volume and will shine by health and strength!

burdock oil

To be continued…

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