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How to maintain beauty and health. Part 2

Let’s continue the topic of useful tips for our health, and accordingly, the beauty of our appearance.

6 advice

Purchase special socks for sleeping, preferably made of natural fibers – cotton or wool (in the case of cool winter nights). Also, you will need butter and mint oil. After the usual evening shower, before going to bed, generously lubricate your feet with butter adding a few drops of mint oil, immediately put on the socks and go to bed.


This simple procedure will make your heels smooth and soft just after a month of use. It’s rather valuable piece of advice in anticipation of the beach season. You will be able to proudly walk barefoot on the white sand! Another way to get beautiful heels.

healthy feet

7 advice

The following advice will help us to take care of the eyelashes. For this purpose, take an old tube of mascara, wash it inside with the help of its brush and liquid soap and dry. The main part – drip oil of wheat germ into the tube. Lubricate your eyelashes with oil using the brush along the entire length, every day before going to bed. This simple home remedy for strengthening, growth and recovery of your eyelashes is very effective, epecially if you constantly use the mascara.


Your eyelashes will be thicker, longer and healthier after a month of application.


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The following recipe is aimed at improving the condition of skin. You will need sea salt or table salt with iodine – one glass, fat sour cream – one glass and a loofah. This scrub is applied immediately after bathing. Take the mitten-loofah and massage thoroughly the whole body, including the neck. Then wash off all this mess with warm water. If you haven’t used up the entire mixture, you can store it in the fridge. An important condition – do it every day.


You definitely understand how the scrub acts – your skin will be smooth and moisturized. Salt is needed in order to remove dead particles of skin, a sort of peeling, as well as for disinfection. Sour cream softens the effect of salt, so the composition of scrub does not scratch the skin, and for moistening and nutrition of cells.

salt and cream

9 advice

Another tip for skin care. The secret is simple – amaranth oil. A substance called squalene is the main component of this valuable product. It is one of the main components of our skin, so it is so useful to us. The oil is perfectly absorbed. Lubricate the body and face daily.


It is recommended to use the oil of amaranth in the fight against wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks and other skin troubles. Amaranth oil is a solution of skin problems.

amaranth oil

10 advice

Useful tip for hair. Add a few drops of menthol oil into water to rinse hair in ratio 5 drops for 1 liter; and rinse hair after each wash.


Such rinsing will give freshness and lightness to the skin of your head. This remedy effectively treats dandruff as well as relieves headache.

menthol oil

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