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How to maintain beauty using folk remedies. Low cost tips

how to maintain beauty

Even the most beautiful girl eventually notices some small flaws in appearance. Agree that the age affects us one way or another. We strive not to let it affect us negatively as long as possible. Modern women have access to any means for body care, as well as hair, nails, and, in general – you can achieve a perfect result. However, it all costs a lot of money, and often our desire “to be beautiful” remains just a desire.

But women are cunning and enterprising! Here are some secrets (low cost advice) which help to maintain beauty and health. The ingredients of these simple recipes are easily accessible and cheap, but what a striking effect they give us!

Burdock and castor oil – rub into the scalp for hair growth.

Apricot oil – for body massage and nail nutrition.

Tincture of bitter pepper – mask for hair growth.

Shilajit – to combat stretch marks (dissolve a tablet in a cream for body or in water and lubricate the problem areas).

Essential oil of lavender – the hair will stay clean longer, if you add a few drops into hair conditioner.

Sea salt – baths for nails and body.

Homeopathic Calendula ointment – to soften skin on the heels.

Wheat germ oil – nutrition for dry skin.

Jojoba oil – apply to the area around the eyes and against small wrinkles.

Capsules of vitamins E and A – for moistening dry lips and for the zone of eyelids.

Hyaluronic acid – to fight against bags under the eyes.

Apple cider vinegar – to remove the “stars” of veins and cellulite on the legs. It is recommended to rub feet by vinegar (from the knee up to the thigh) every evening after a shower. It takes two weeks for a positive result – the “stars” are significantly lighter; no irritation is observed after the procedure (except smell).

Tea tree oil – from pimples.

Boric alcohol – from pimples.

Salicylic-zinc paste – to combat acne (it dries and gradually removes pimples).

Blue clay – masks for face and body.

Cosmetic walnut oil – against wrinkles and bruises under eyes.

Glycerin – to soften skin of hands.

1 part of glycerine and 1 part 6% vinegar – mask for rough skin of the feet.

Castor oil – for growth and strengthening of eyelashes (lubricate the eyelashes before bedtime).

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  • Emilia

    Excellent advice, I did not know many of them (for example I have read about such using of apple cider vinegar and walnut oil for the first time), but now I use! Thank you

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