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How to maintain the house clean

How to maintain the house cleanIt is not easy to be a woman in today’s world. Everyone is waiting for something from you at home, at work, on vacation. You need to become an indispensable employee, affectionate mom, loving wife and perfect hostess. How can we simplify our life? Let’s try to deal with the last point and consider some simple rules that will help you to maintain house clean.

1. The first rule – each single thing must be on its place. Do not throw off such trifles like keys, pens, gloves, correspondence, telephones and many other things into the nearest dresser drawer if you have unexpected guests. Moreover, it is inconvenient when we running late for an important meeting and rush about the apartment in search of keys, for example. Find home for each of these trifles. Gather all your courage and put things in order in such heaps. Time to time try to be ensure that all things are stationed in their places.

2. Do not clutter up your home. Make it a rule to check your stuff on “necessity”. Outdated magazines, disused clothes, cracked but such a favorite vase – all these things take place, but do not bring benefit. Ask yourself whether you will use it. If not, there is no place for this thing in your life. Revise your medicine chest more often. Don’t keep medicines with the expired shelf life. Try to throw out (give away) an unnecessary thing every day until the clutter is over.

3. Do not wait for a long time to do something that can be done immediately. We are talking about such little things that require 1-2 minutes of your time. It is easier to clean the sink after each washing dishes than during the weekly general cleaning scrape down the weekly dirt with a special chemical agent in gloves. Or make it a habit to clean the bathroom mirror while brushing teeth (unless you are late for work).

4. Such seemingly innocent things like dirty cup near a laptop or unmade bed also show sloppiness of the hostess. It takes 5 minutes to cover the bed with coverlet or to rinse a couple of cups. Sherlock Holmes used to say, there is nothing more important than details”, and he was undoubtedly right!

5. Another useful habit – clean up with pleasure for 15 minutes daily. Turn on your favorite music and note the time. You will be surprised how much you can manage to do when you targeted try to keep within the allotted time. What can you do during this time? Wipe the dust in visible places, to clean up the wardrobe, to iron a pair of bed sheets.

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