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How to make a homemade mayonnaise

homemade mayonnaise

Of course, nowadays we can buy mayonnaise of any quality at any time of day. But still such a product made from the natural ingredients and by the loving hands has a greater value. Moreover, the homemade mayonnaise is actually not as harmful as that one brought from the store. Therefore, I propose to do it by yourself using the following recipe:


1 egg (whole) and 1 egg yolk,

1 tablespoon of mustard,

350-400 g of sunflower oil (refined)

juice of half a lemon,



This is one of the easiest ways to prepare mayonnaise, because it takes only five minutes! Take the prepared eggs (the yolk and the whole one), put into a glass for blender, then add the mustard, the lemon juice, salt it well, then add 300-400 grams of oil and whip in a blender. And that’s all! The homemade mayonnaise is ready!


For preparation of the homemade mayonnaise, you can use any mustard, however, Dijon mustard (traditional French mustard) fits best – more delicious.

Dijon mustard

Add two tablespoons of water while whisking the ingredients so your mayonnaise will not delaminate and will be stored in the refrigerator without any problems.

Transfer the ready mayonnaise into a clean glass or a plastic container, then it can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

There is one trick. You may prolong the lifetime of your mayonnaise adding another ingredient. To be more precisely you can ferment the mayonnaise. So, you should add whey and ferment it for 6 hours. This will help to keep mayonnaise for 2 months in the fridge.


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