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How to make coffee at home


We have already learned how to use coffee for a variety of household and cosmetic needs, let’s go back to the main, original purpose of this product – to bring pleasure while drinking a cup of invigorating beverage. So let’s consider how to make coffee correctly at home.

General rules:

1. For the preparation of coffee, you should always use fresh “soft” water – never use previously boiled water.

2. Never use detergent to clean the coffee supplies.

3. Before preparing coffee warm the coffee spoons and cups. If these items are cold, you will get a lukewarm drink, deprived of its unique flavor.

4. Use high-quality coffee and a special grinding. It is advisable to grind coffee just before brewing. Try not to heat coffee when grinding, as heat promotes the removal of low-volatile aromatics.

5. Pour coffee into the filter evenly lightly tamping.

6. Use a measuring spoon for taking the required amount of coffee.

7. Always use ceramic cups and avoid plastic dishes or other materials.

8. Pour coffee within 10 seconds.

Rules of making coffee in cezve (Turkish coffee pot):

This method of making coffee is one of the most delicious, not to mention that it’s the most ancient way of brewing coffee, therefore it is considered to be traditional.

Turkish coffee is not filtered beverage. It is usually served in very small cups resembling those which used for espresso. Though, tastes differ, and different cultures use different measures.

If you prepare a romantic breakfast including coffee in bed, personally brewed coffee in cezve will be always a better option than soulless beverage from the coffee machine.


So, the basics of brewing:

1. Coffee should be finely ground (as for espresso) – desirably to grind the coffee beans directly before preparing. The aroma and taste of the beverage depends on the degree of grinding.

2. Water must be cold, desirable even icy.

3. The first step is to heat the water in cezve, and then to pour the coffee.

4. It is important to know that you should not put ground coffee in amount of more than one-two teaspoons per one cup of coffee. It will be harmful to your health, and excessive bitterness will kill the real aroma and taste of coffee.

5. If you love some supplements, you can add them to the cezve. As additives you can use spices (cardamom, anise, cinnamon and cloves) and sugar which can be added to your taste. Sugar slows down the heating process, and since this beverage must be heated for a long time, it is important for the proper brewing. Sugar also helps to get better foam.

To give the coffee a softer taste, you can put a pinch of salt into the cezve.

6. While the coffee is brewing, the cup must be a little warmed up (for example, pour boiling water into it, and before pouring coffee into the cup, pour the water out).

7. During the process of heating coffee, light foam will appear on the surface. You should neatly take it and lay out into the cups. Foam is very important, all the nutrients, divine taste and the aroma of fresh coffee are stored under it.

8. Do not let the coffee boil! It will destroy the foam. When coffee begins to rise in the cezve, it should be stirred for the last time and immediately poured into the heated cups.

9. If you want to make coffee with milk, you just need to make coffee according to all the rules, and when you pour the coffee into cups, pour some cool milk.

10. Wait for a few minutes while the coffee grounds sink to the bottom.

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