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How to make furniture without nails

 Joining Bottles

If you’re a fan of creativity in everything, you’ll love the style of this person! A social designer from London, Micaella Pedros, promotes democratic design and culture of “do it yourself”. She strives to make her contribution to the development of society. Micaella Pedros will teach you to make furniture without a single nail!

Her universal method how to make the most diverse furniture entirely without nails, connecting parts with the help of the ordinary plastic bottles, is called very simply “Joining Bottles”. This wood-joining technique requires the minimum of effort and raw material. For example, to build a stool, you will need a plastic bottle, a few wooden bars and a building hairdryer.

Take the wooden bars, measure the desired length and shape. Then, cut the bottle according to the width of the connection, and “fasten” details of the construction by the hairdryer. When heated, the bottle is compressed up to the shape of parts, and becomes very durable. Thus, a simple plastic bottle, being shrunk becomes a bonding material, accessible to everyone for building functional structures.

Micaella Pedros

Micaella Pedros furniture

plastic bottle

Micaella Pedros

Of course, not everyone will appreciate the aesthetic qualities of such design solution, and Micaella understands that. But the main purpose of the girl is to share such a great idea! These are just rough examples, for illustrative purposes, and it is quite possible to make things more elegant and stylish. There are so many different ways you can use a simple plastic bottle! Take another one into your piggy bank!

The plastic bottles can be found everywhere, as waste waiting the utilization. The used parts or remains of wood furniture are also widely spread. The so called project, or it can be considered as a creative design, “Joining Bottles” is aimed at empowerment of people who can’t afford some usual things, such as furniture. Being creative and thereby clearing the city, we do two beneficial things at once, both for ourselves and for society.

Joining Bottles Joining Bottles

Joining Bottles

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