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How to make meal taste better 2

culinary-girl-chiefIf you enjoy cooking and want to improve your skills, we can help you! To become a good hostess, you will need a lot of time by trial and error method to learn all these tricks. But it is easier to master the culinary wisdom, if use the advice of a seasoned chef.

Let’s continue the theme of culinary tricks. We have prepared for you a few different techniques used by real professionals.

So, here it is, a new portion of culinary secrets.

– Use lemon juice for the meat dishes and meat will become softer.

– To get the perfect white rice, pour a teaspoon of vinegar into water while boiling.

– If you want to add some piquancy to the salad, before you place the dish on the plate, rub it by a clove of garlic.

– If you plan to marinate meat, try mixing light beer, soy sauce, salt and pepper. You will receive an excellent marinade! Such a mixture is also suitable for boiled potatoes.

– At the end of the preparation of minced meat for meatballs or cutlets, add a handful of crushed ice. This will make your cutlets juicy.

– If you think the preparation of dishes from eggs is a painstaking thing, the following advice is for you. Moisten the knife with cold water and egg yolk of boiled egg will not crumble when cutting.

– When you cook dishes from eggplants, slice them, add salt and leave for a while. Then, wash your vegetables and continue cooking. Thus, the eggplants will not taste bitter.

– Mushrooms should be salted at the end of cooking, otherwise they will become sluggish and wrinkled.

– Vanilla is almost a universal thing, which can be added not only into desserts. Add a little vanilla to the vegetable salads, and this will give them originality and a spicy taste.

– Replace bread crumbs by walnuts crushed into fine crumbs.If you overdid it when salted soup, try to hold in a pan a bag made of cloth filled with rice. The rice will absorb the excess salt from the soup very quickly.

– Do you like to bake, but not always successful? Fruits in apple pie will not sink to the bottom, if you roll them in the flour previously.

– In order clear almond from the peel quickly, you should boil it for 3-5 minutes, then put it into cold water.

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