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How to make meal taste better 3

How to make meal taste better is a cycle of useful tips. We have already considered several culinary tricks, and hope you find them helpful. So, take a new batch of culinary secrets into your “jewelry” box and move forwards to the delicious masterpieces! Let’s go!

If you need juice of lime or lemon, heat your citrus fruits slightly. It will be easier to squeeze more juice.

When cooking chicken, note that bacon gives chicken meat the aroma of smoke.

Another option to make herbs more fragrant is to grind them in a mortar with a drop of olive oil.


If you love piquancy in everything, add the taste of amaretto into your dish using kernels of the apricot seeds.

Pineapple in the dishes brings not only good taste, but also removes excess fat.

Not sure of the freshness of eggs? This will help you


For the better effect add the mint at the beginning of cooking.

Do you want to diversify desserts? Oranges are perfectly combined with chocolate sauce.

orange ans chocolate

To get the garlic puree: chop the garlic, sprinkle it with salt and crush with a knife.

The water in which you cooked pasta or potatoes contains the beneficial nutrients. Use it for watering the houseplants.

If you like meat with a crispy crust, add a little flour while frying.


If your soup or broth is too oily, throw an ice cube into the pan. The fat will gather around the cube, and it will be easier to remove it.

If the rice is a little burnt, put in a piece of white bread into the pan for 5-10 minutes to remove the unpleasant odor.


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