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How to make meal taste better 4


Knowledge is not always enough for a good result, experience is more valuable. However, to avoid the simplest mistakes, we can use other people’s advice. This also applies to the cooking. Every housewife uses her tricks and secrets that she has learned in practice. The beginners often need help. So, let’s continue the cycle of useful culinary tips, and learn some more helpful secrets to cook like chef.

Lower your fingers in salt when cleaning the slippery fish – it will facilitate the work.

Before cooking, you should put the big fish into the cold water.

Fish will not fall apart into pieces and will certainly acquire a golden crust, if you wipe it with a towel 10-15 minutes before cooking and salt it immediately.

Never leave the bay leaf in the soup. It is good during cooking, but then it only spoils the taste.

Potatoes will be cooked faster if you add a little butter into the saucepan.

In order not to let the grated raw potatoes turn black, immediately stir the mass with a little milk.

Baked goods made from unleavened dough will be crumbly and airy, if you add a spoonful of cognac into the dough.

Sprinkle the bottom of the pan lightly with salt before frying. Thus, the oil will not splash.

Lentils and beans can be boiled in half the time, if you add sugar in a saucepan (1 tablespoon per liter of water).

In order to get the softer liver after frying, hold it for 2 – 1,5 hours before cooking in cold milk or clean water.

Do you love homemade ravioli? Add milk or cream into the minced meat and your ravioli will be more juicy and tasty.

Put the purified mushrooms into the salted water with little addition of vinegar, and they won’t blacken.

If you plan to cook dishes of dried mushrooms, soak them in milk for several hours, adding a little salt. They will be just as fresh.

The pods of peas and beans will remain green if you cook them in strongly boiling water.

Before you grate hard cheese, grease the grater by vegetable oil. Cheese will not become glued, and it will be easier to wash the grater.

Do not start to cook meat until it is completely thawed.

Do not salt meat before end of cooking, it especially concerns dense pieces. If you salt raw meat, tits surface will be dehydrated and become rigid.

Cutlets and schnitzels will be tenderer, if you smear them by a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil 1 – 2 hours before frying.

Meat of young animals is best to use for fried dishes, and the old meat is suitable for boiling and stewing.

Tea will become much more fragrant, if you put a little lemon or orange peel into the box, where it is stored.


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