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How to make meal taste better 5

make meal taste better 5
We have almost become professional chefs at our home kitchens, haven’t we? It’s so nice boast your culinary delights to your friends or husband. But it is also very pleasant to know that you have made it yourself! And no matter how many tricks you have used… Although they are important too! So, it’s time for a new batch of useful life hacks for cooking! Let’s go!


Lubricate the inside edges of the pan with oil or fat and your milk won’t run away while boiling.

To peel new potatoes easily, put it into cold salted water before cleaning.

After cleaning potatoes, skin on hands darkens. To avoid this, it is necessary to moisten your hands with vinegar before operation and allow to dry. After work wash hands immediately with soap and water and grease with a cream.

When frying potatoes, you should add salt at the end of the process.

The main rules of cooking vegetables:

a) the lid should be dark and fit tightly to the pan.

b) do not pierce the vegetables during cooking.

g) ready vegetables should be immediately removed from the broth.

d) add a little lemon juice to the water when boiling vegetables.

Put vegetables into already boiling water when cooking.

Salt the vegetables at the end of cooking.

We all know how long you need to boil beets. To speed up the processes you should boil it for 20 minutes, then drain the water and pour cold water again.

To speed up the boiling of beans or peas, soak them overnight in cold water.

Beet should be red, but sometimes loses its color when boiling. To preserve the bright color, cook beets in water with sugar and apple cider vinegar.

Potatoes often fall apart during boiling. To avoid this, boil it in salted water with a few drops of vinegar.

To preserve the freshness bread for longer, put a slice of potato, apple and a little salt next to it.

Two pieces of sugar, previously dissolved in a small amount of vinegar, can replace white wine in a sauce.

The cooked meat is more juicy and tasty when you lower it into already hot water, not cold. It is better to boil large pieces, don’t cut it into small bits.

Parboiled onions lose the bitterness. Such onions are good to use in salads and appetizers.

You should not clean vegetables in advance. It is recommended to clean and wash them directly before dipping into the soup.

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