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How to make meal taste better

CookingEven if you are not a chef, you have to cook every day. At least a little bit of time you spend in the kitchen doing this, since not every time you go to the restaurant or cafe. However, if you go, you can skip this information. And if you still love to treat yourself and your loved ones by home-made food, I would like to offer you a few simple tips that will help you to rise to the occasion.

Preparation for cooking is a serious matter. It is convenient when all the ingredients are already at hand. However, remember – never cut garlic and onions in advance. Chopped vegetables emit strong odors, which can be uncomfortable, and will kill the flavor of the finished dish. It is recommended to cut onions and garlic in the last minute before use; or you can leave them in a solution of soda with water at a ratio of 1 teaspoon per cup of water. Keep in mind that this solution will reduce the sharpness, and do not forget to rinse the vegetables before adding to the dish.

The following advice – do not throw away the pulp of tomatoes. The fact is that the seeds and pulp are the most important parts in tomatoes, which have the strongest taste and smell. If the recipe says nothing about the removal of the seeds, do not do it.

This recommendation won’t be too new, but we often forget about it. Put the ingredients only on a hot frying pan, because the surface temperature drops immediately as soon as we put the food on it. Therefore, do not rush! If you cook vegetables, wait until the oil begins to bubble in a pan, and when cooking foods without oil, wait until you see steam.

When you add salt or peppers into food while cooking, do not forget about sugar. If you season roasted meat, seafood or vegetable dishes with sugar it will give a more full-bodied taste.

If you’re a fan of spices, this recommendation will come in handy. In order to enhance the taste of spices and dried herbs, you need to cook them in butter or vegetable oil for a minute or two before adding to the dish. If the recipe says to add some spice at the end, add them in 1-2 minutes until the dish is finished.

Furthermore, it matters what kind of herbs you are using. Solid herbs such as cumin, rosemary, sage and origanum, should be added at the beginning of cooking. So they will give more flavors to the dish, and their structure will become less firm. Soft herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro and onions are better added in the last minute; otherwise they lose their flavor and bright color.

When you fry some meat for example, and the remaining scorched pieces do not seem appetizing for you, and you are used to throw them away along with the remnants of oil and fat, do not rush. The remaining of burnt pieces in a pan can serve as a great addition to the sauce, soup or stew. Pour any liquid (wine, juice, soup) into the hot pan and scrape them with a wooden spoon.

By the way there is a little secret for sauce! Add some soy sauce or anchovies and they will give a rich flavor of meat to the dish, because they contain a large amount of glutamate. So, add 1-2 teaspoons of soy sauce into the chili or other dressing and your household will applaud for you! If you cook vegetables, add a little bit of ground anchovies.

To be continued…

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