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How to make tea useful for health

The benefits of tea are often doubtful, but in fact the question is only in quality this product. Black tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Green tea is famous for its own healing properties. Different herbal teas are applied for various purposes. Tea is able to increase immunity, improve the functioning of the nervous system, toning and to be a good antioxidant. With regular consumption of tea, the body is cleansed of bad cholesterol. Tea can reduce headaches and relieve fatigue.

A cup of black tea with sugar is able to temporarily satisfy your hunger and increase efficiency. And in the hot season black tea will quench your thirst and add strength. But still, a lot in this sense is achieved by the sort and quality of the tea leaves. How can we improve the quality of tea that we have? First of all, we should understand what we expect from a cup of tea.

Let’s consider a few ways of how we can get maximum benefit from tea and enjoy its aroma and taste at the same time.


This spice added to the tea relieves headache and makes your breath fresh. Tea with clove helps after a hard day to calm nerves and put things in order in thoughts. Also, it helps in the case of colds. As for me, I like to add a couple of stars of clove into the cup of tea in order to get a nice tart flavor.



If you brew tea with thyme, such drink will help you after a hearty feast, and also it will adjust the digestion and remove unpleasant sensations in the stomach.



Its medicinal properties are well known to those who often catch colds and flu. It is simply irreplaceable! Ginger stimulates protective functions of the immune system. Drink tea with ginger, if you suddenly get your feet wet, you feel a hint of a cold, and it will help to stop the disease. This is a great way to warm up after a long walk in the cold.



Frankly speaking, I don’t like this spice, but its properties are of great value. One of the most important – cinnamon leads to normal blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to drink tea with cinnamon after sweets and bread with cheese.



Tea with mint will help to fall asleep and to wake up full of energy, as it has the ability to calm nerves and relieve stress. In addition, it is delicious and refreshing!


Vanilla, cinnamon, thyme, ginger, clove are the spices which have more antioxidants than mushrooms, vegetables and even fresh berries. But teas with fruit can’t boast so many useful properties. Even lemon, which is known as the best helper in colds which contains large amounts of vitamin C, loses its quality getting into boiling water. Therefore, it is important to remember it adding a slice of lemon into your cup of tea at the right time.


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  • Alena

    Carnation adds a special spicy aroma of black tea. This drink is especially good in the cold season.

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