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How to organize your fridge

How to organize your fridge

If you often throw away spoiled foods, or in a rush you can not find the products for breakfast, it’s time for you to put things in order in your fridge! This is especially important after a series of celebrations such as Christmas parties. Being not very sober, we don’t really remember how and most importantly when then uneaten salads and snacks got into the fridge. We determine a candidate for “expulsion” by the specific odor. But it is best to avoid such a situation. The smells are mixed together, and it is not so useful at all. And basically, the refrigerator should always be kept in order and cleanliness!

So, first of all, you have to “nullify” the contents of the refrigerator. Let’s start with a freezer that serves a resting place for the oldest old: meat of unknown animals with hardly guessable shelf life, bags covered with hoarfrost with incomprehensible contents, jars with remains of some antiquities. Refrigerator is not a museum! Next, move on to the rest of the shelves. It is recommended to divide foods into categories: “dairy products”, “smoked meats and sausages”, “meat and fish”, “seasonal fruits and vegetables”, “fresh herbs”, “frozen berries and fruit”, “ready meals”, “canned food (including jars with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise)” and so on.

Keep ready meals in glass or plastic containers with lids. It is ergonomically (takes up less space), and aesthetically pleasing – beautiful transparent boxes look more attractive than pots and pans. In addition, you can prevent the exchange of smells! Other products, such as sausages, desirably should be stored in paper bags; fruits and vegetables – in specially designed compartments of the refrigerator. This also applies to meat, fish and dairy products.

These are general recommendations which are not a secret. But I’d like to propose you a few tricks that help maintain order in the refrigerator for a long time. If you prepare all the necessary tools to do so, you’ll save both products and time! So, have a look!

1. Buy some similar large containers, sign them “meat”, “fish”… – at your own discretion. Convenient and everything in its place!

How to organize your fridge 1

2. If there is no place on the shelves, stationery binder clips will help us! And the products are hermetically sealed.

How to organize your fridge 2

3. Place the sauces into the form of eggs. Thus you don’t have to wait until the remnants of ketchup flow out when you urgently need it.

How to organize your fridge 3

4. It is more convenient to store greens in jars with lids. Thus it may persist longer than in plastic bags.

How to organize your fridge 4

5. Do you like to make something by hand? Small containers on the magnets – a perfect idea to save space!

How to organize your fridge 5

6. Cleanliness, pleasant smell of lemon and rosemary – a homemade cleanser!

How to organize your fridge 6

7. Prepare a special place for products with a short shelf life that should be eaten first.

How to organize your fridge 7

8. Do not store food chaotically! Invent destination for each shelf on the door.

How to organize your fridge 8

9. All that can be used for snacks should also be stored in a special place! Open, take, close!

How to organize your fridge 9

10. Office folders are perfect for the orderly storage of food in the freezer!

How to organize your fridge 10

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  • Ada Slotenmaker

    Saving a lot of money with your advices, most of them pretty logical, but i needed just that point if view,
    and your the homemade spray of citrus and rosemary : perfect, is the new present/hit in the family Slotenmaker !!

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