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How to peel eggs quickly

Do you like to peel eggs? Yes, sometimes it occurs quickly and easily when the shell slides off itself. But very often it categorically refuses to do so. This happens most often when the eggs are fresh, and if you live on a farm or in a village, you know how it is.

In principle, it certainly can’t be considered as a problem, after all, agree that life does not end when you spend a few minutes for a momentary thing … No, it does, it is terribly annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry to peel a heap of eggs for a salad or a picnic. It would seem, a trifling matter, but it is able to kill our nerve cells. Gradually … and very slowly! Do we need this? Of course not! There is a solution! Memorize and use such a valuable lifehack!

Don’t boil the eggs as soon as you get them out of the fridge. Take eggs in advance to make them room temperature. Boil water in a pan. Take a pushpin or an awl and make a hole in the rounded side of the each egg. Put the eggs into the boiling water, and pour a little salt (it is necessary to ensure that eggs will not crack). Leave the eggs to boil 6-7 minutes. If you like soft-boiled, then wait for about 4 minutes. Then, put the eggs into cold water and leave until cool. When the eggs have cooled, roll them on the table surface and see – the peel slips very easily.

Look at the pictures. If you try this method once, you will not boil eggs differently!








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