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How to prevent losing your child in a public place

losing child in a public place

In summer we often take our children to various fairs, festivals, children’s amusement parks and so on. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to lost a child in all these places, and so difficult to find. Unfortunately, we can’t always count all steps forward, but we can anticipate certain situations and get ready for them. There are several simple ways to prepare yourself and the child for such incident.


1. Teach you child some important and useful information that will help him quickly to be found – his name, surname, address, phone number of Mom and Dad. Of course, the child may forget the exact address, and then the details will provide invaluable assistance – a drugstore №2 beside the house, grocery store or a coffee shop, a beautiful building in front of the house, etc.

2. Take the time to write down main information about your child on his backpack or on clothing. In the case if the child doesn’t speak well, or in a state of stress he may forget everything, it will help people who found him to contact you.

3. Choose brighter clothing for your child, going with him to a public place. This will make him more visible to others. It is easier for the human eyes to find a bright spot in the crowd, and in this case there will be more witnesses.

4. Walking in the familiar shopping malls and stores you should choose a certain meeting place in the case you get lost – favorite cafeteria in the building, benches at the entrance, parking.

5. Explain to your child whom he may ask for help if he gets lost. Better if it will be a police officer, a salesman in the shop, a friend living nearby.

6. Always carry a photo of your child, to find witnesses without delay and to obtain full information about where and under what circumstances they may have seen your baby.

7. Explain to your child that in the case of unforeseen situations it is better to remain among people. The fact is that children, being frightened, may go to a deserted place in order to “hide”, but that will only aggravate the situation.

8. Nowadays, almost every child from the age of three has a modern gadget. Teach your child to use telephone for the benefit – he should be able to dial the number of a parent or to locate.

9. Do not leave your child in the playground with a stranger in order to buy some milk at the store around the corner. Hold tight the child’s hand in a crowd. Do not lose sight of the child at the checkout in the store, when he may get away for a toy or a candy while you are paying for the purchases.

It may seem that this is a set of basic and well known advice, and we all know how to behave with the child. We all are careful and attentive. Policemen find kids lost in the crowd literally every day. They know better than anyone what helps to find the child. Recently, one of the US police departments has posted on his Facebook page two very simple but very effective advice to parents.

So, you need to do two simple things. The first – take a picture of the child on your phone just before you leave home. The photo must be made in full growth, so it was immediately clear how the baby is dressed, his hair and other distinctive features of appearance. This greatly helps in the search.

And the second – make an inscription on the wrist of your child – your mobile phone number and your name. Cover the inscription by transparent nail polish, or something similar, so that the words couldn’t be wiped or washed away by water. In the evening, you can wash off the inscription by nail polish remover  without acetone, but the whole day you will be calm. Some moms make special bracelets for children with a phone number, but the bracelet can be lost or teared, so such inscription is more reliable.

How to prevent losing your child in a public place1


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