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How to save time during cleaning

I want to share a few cunnings and tricks that will simplify your life during daily cleaning of the house, and thus will help to avoid these routine actions from day to day!


To get rid of stubborn stains of coffee or tea from the white mugs you should take vinegar mixed with water in equal parts. Pour this mixture into the mugs and let them stand for about an hour. Then, it will be easy to wash off the stubborn traces of tea and coffee by an ordinary sponge.


In order to wipe away dust on the shelves more rarely, soak a cloth in the usual fabric softener. Dust will settle twice less frequently, and therefore, you will rarely deal with its cleaning.


To clean the coffee maker or tea kettle from the lime-scale, it is recommended to use vinegar and water again. Mix the ingredients in equal parts, fill the kettle and boil. Then, you should pour clean water and boil again. Instead of vinegar, you can also use citric acid. Pour a teaspoon of acid into the water and boil the kettle or coffee maker. Then rinse it with water.


To make glassware sparkle, you should wash it in water with a small amount of vinegar, or rub with salt. Rinse it with clean water and let drip off without wiping. Your stemware and other glass dishes will be perfectly transparent.

fry pan

It will be much easier to clean a burnt frying pan, if you fill it with water adding a cup of vinegar. Let the water boil and remove from heat. Add soda, and when the mixture stops hissing, pour the water out. If a bit of dirt remains, wipe your frying pan with soda and rinse thoroughly.


In order to make the oven look like new, it is enough to wipe the surface by a cloth soaked in olive oil. Then, wipe with a clean cloth. Spots, stains, and fingerprints will disappear.


To clean bakeware you should rub it with salt and then wipe with a paper towel. It will be very easy to depart the dough.


If you want your taps in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as other chrome surfaces, remain clean longer, wipe them with wax paper (which is used for baking).

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