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How to set goals. Tips for self-development

goalWhen we decide to do something very significant, we follow the impulses of senses. The stronger our desire to achieve the goal, the more insane our actions. This is great motivation, but does not bring benefit. Composure in this matter should be stronger. It is important to assess the forces soberly and plan actions, but the first – to set goals correctly. Tomorrow / from Monday / from next year – I will “do sports”, “find a new job”, “start to eat properly”, “pay off all the credit.” Why doesn’t it work for us? Let’s talk about how to set and achieve outstanding goals from the best books on self-development.

Formulate the goal. Start with a definition of your global goal, taking into account three key points.

First – your natural abilities. If you think you have no skills, it’s time to do everything in order to recognize them. Half of success in achieving the goal is to use your strengths to the limit.

Second – resoluteness. In order to achieve a really great goal, you have to train every day. Get ready that success is not a sprint, but a marathon. You will need to motivate yourself everyday for years.

Third – modesty. Your ego shouldn’t outweigh your values. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and thousands of other people who are remembered by the world as the greatest humanists didn’t think of reward, but simply did their job.

Norman Vincent Peale said a great phrase: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” The goal should be ambitious but achievable. Furthermore, it should always be before your eyes.

Put a note in your wallet, the sticker on the fridge, hang a poster in the workplace or screen saver on your monitor. Tell your friends about your goal – they will always remind you asking about the achievements. In general, the more people know about it, the less you have opportunities to roll out of the way. You will be ashamed to say that you haven’t achieved anything.

Motivate yourself. Forget such words: “It will not work”, “I can’t”, “I’m always late” or “I’m always breaking the terms.” Stop feeling sorry for yourself and think in a different direction! Say: “I can”, “I’ll learn”, “I am single-minded,” “I am a strong-willed!” Ask yourself constantly – Have I made 100% of effort today? How can I become more effective? What can I do to achieve the goal faster?

Make efforts. Very often the result comes when we are squeezed like a lemon. Nothing will work just using self-hypnosis. We can achieve outstanding goals exerting 100% of effort and giving all the best for hundred percent. Set the things that bring you closer to the target above empty entertainment. At the same time, don’t worry if you don’t have time to do everything on the list. Transfer a couple of points to another day when you have more spare time. The main thing – to keep everything under control and never give up.

Be proud of yourself! You’ve done it! How do you feel?


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