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How to simplify repairs in the apartment

The main thing in the apartment repair – to think carefully about everything several times. So you will make fewer mistakes and will be able to think about a larger number of design ideas.

It will be easier to hammer a nail, if first you dip the tip of it into the vegetable oil.

And such a trick with a comb will help you to avoid an accidental blow on the fingers!

to hammer a nail

A magnet on the hammer allows not be distracted by the searching for nails – they’re always with you, at your fingertips!

magnet on the hammer

If you add some sugar to the cement solution, it becomes much stronger.

Alabaster, diluted with milk, freezes for longer. It is easier to plug the cracks with a brush.

If the brush for oily works is very tough, you need to lower it for 1 minute into the boiling vinegar.

Cut out a nozzle for your paintbrush from the plastic cover, and it will save you from intrusive splashes and drips.


In order not to smudge the paint tray (especially if you need to paint just a bit), you can cover it with a foil or a plastic bag. After the work you will just have to throw away the used bag, and the equipment will be clean.

life hacks with paint

This simple life hacking will help keep the place with paint in cleanliness. Pull the rubber band on the jar with paint and remove excess paint from the brush by one simple movement.

paint jar

The room, which is just covered with wallpaper, should not be aired for a few days or the wallpaper will begin to bubble and come unstuck.

The tile is easier to cut when it is wet. In this case, it is less likely that it will break.

Do not use washable wallpaper in the sunny room – under the influence of sunlight, such wallpaper emits harmful substances.

There are many ideas using stencils – from classic paintings to the most unexpected, according to your taste and imagination!



The color is very important! Using wallpaper and paints of light tones, you can visually enlarge the volume of the room. Dark colors visually reduce its volume.

If you consider the usual painting of the walls boring, give them a relief pattern using the simple things!

design of the walls

design of the walls

design of the walls

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