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How to spend a vacation in India


Whenever planning a vacation, we hope to visit the most famous attractions, make a million cool photos and get the most vivid impressions. I propose a to-do list how to spend an unforgettable vacation in India – a mysterious and colorful country. In addition to basic and obvious landmarks of this country, try some of the items from the list.

1. Make a wish at the holy River of Ganges in Varanasi.

2. Go for a ride on the Indian train, and if you have enough courage, do it in the carriage of Sleeper class. Indian train is a cheerful and interesting adventure.

3. Go to see the premiere of Indian movie to the real Indian cinema. Bollywood in Bombay is just a piece of the giant called “Indian film industry”. By the way, since 2011 Hollywood pavilions are open to visitors! You can get there during a regular excursion, which even includes a visit to the film set. Take your camera and forth following the guide – scenery and soffits, dressing rooms and supernumeraries…

4. Make a visit of an Indian family; it is the easiest way to understand the life and traditions of the country. Indian people are very hospitable; you will be welcomed with joy. Do not be afraid to meet with children and relatives, to drink Indian tea with sweets, and, of course, to make a photo for memory.

5. Try national cuisine. In general, Indian food is very spicy, but very tasty! It’s important to do it as the Indian people do – mix Biryani rice with spicy sauce, scooping it manually by crispy Chapati and wash down with water.

6. Go on a cricket match. Cricket is the most popular national sport in India.

7. Take classes of Indian dance. Go on a master class of Indian dance and learn a couple of movements. You will be proud to demonstrate your skills on the real Indian National disco. In addition, men have always liked this dance, so it will come in handy.

8. Go for a ride on a rickshaw – the most common transport in India. This three-wheel vehicle can take you away to any direction and help to get lost. But it is even more interesting!

9. Take part in a real Indian festival. This is a great way to feel the culture of the country. Carnival rituals, songs and dance shows will not leave you indifferent!

10. Watch a sunset in the desert. Experienced travelers claim that sunset in the Indian desert is like no one sunset in the world, and you must see it with your own eyes.

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