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How to spend youthfulness without regret

When you’re 20, it seems that a whole life is ahead. However, why only seems… It is so indeed. And now you are 30, and you think you still have a lot of time. Then you are 50, and you start slightly to regret that you are a little bit old for certain things. Do not wait for the right moment, it may not come. Do not wait for the right age, it will always be not in time. Life flies very quickly, so don’t go too far in planning – live and act right now!

These tips are actually simple truths. Nevertheless, I suggest you to remind yourself of them.

Think of yourself. Youth is time that no one will return to you. It’s time for your aspirations, desires and crazy ideas. So, experiment, try something new, find yourself. In adulthood, only duties are waiting for you.

Find your own meaning of life. This is a great motivation for action. Success is guaranteed if you know what you want.

Enjoy the simple moments. Those things that we used to feel like natural pastime may not be available to us in another age. Connect with friends, travel, meet a dawn on the roof, get new experience and rest for the soul!

The following advice is very important – learn to concentrate on the present. This is one of the greatest skills that will help to understand life and get pleasure from it. We need to feel every moment that is happening to us now. Let us leave all the problems in the past (we can not change it), do not hope much for the future (we can not fully control it) and just live in the present!

Do not worry what people think about you. Too painful attitude to the opinions of others is one of the signs of youth. Over time, you will acquire a protective shield, but it is better to develop a relaxed attitude to someone’s view much earlier. It’s your life, you should like it, not the others.

Be a positive person. Young people are not always lighthearted. The youth is time of doubts. However, remember – your success will depend on your attitude to life. Think positive and fortune will find you!

Get rid of negative relationships. Try to dislodge from your circle of acquaintances all the people who have a depressing, irritating and negative impacts on you. Over time, it is harder to do this, but having done so, you simplify your life.

Create your inner circle. In the early years, it seems that we have a lot of friends who become just acquaintances with the lapse of time. Everyone needs people on whom you can rely on in difficult times – family and friends. We do not choose our family, but the choice of friends depends only on us.

Study. Of course, school and university take all the time exactly when we are young. But you will change your mind later. Learn foreign languages. This is easier to do in the early years; moreover, it improves memory and develops thinking. Learn what can really come in handy in life. And here is the following advice – try to decide your vocation as early as possible and work for it to have been prepared in the mature age, because then you won’t just have enough time for this.

Develop good habits – it will help you in life. Over the years, it’s hard to get rid of bad habits and inculcate positive ones. Start to accustom yourself from a young age – many things are not available in later years. For example, go in for sports now and not wait time when your body will become unattractive – it will be difficult start from scratch in 50.

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