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How to strengthen your nails

bath for nailsEvery girl wants to look good. Every woman wants to preserve her youth. Therefore, each of us takes care of ourselves. We all do it in different ways: some with the help of folk home remedies, some using expensive cosmetics. No matter how you do it, the main thing is to achieve noticeable results.

Of course the first thing we care is our face. However, exactly hands show the age and the level of how the girl is well-groomed – one of the main conditions of a woman’s beauty.

Any beauty salon can satisfy any whims of the modern girl. But let’s consider a few options for keeping yourself in the best shape, just in case when we want to save a little, or do not have the opportunity to visit your master at the moment.

Beautiful healthy nails – pride of the girl! You can not hide sick nails under a layer of lacquer all the time, they need to be healthy, and therefore require constant care. So, let’s talk about the nails.

Bath for nails with oil and iodine:

You’ll need 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of 5% tincture of iodine and a glass of water. Dilute the iodine in water. Add oil into solution, and then heat the entire mixture on a water bath. Stir the mixture until smooth. Put down your nails into the warm bath and keep for 10-15 minutes.

Natural wax against brittle nails:

Beeswax is a very effective tool against brittle nails. Only six treatments with beeswax help to forget about the problems with nails for a long time. The recipe is simple. It is recommended to do it in the evening. Melt the clean wax on a steam bath, and then lower the tips of your fingers into it, and immediately afterwards dip them into cold water. After this procedure, the wax will remain on your nails. Put on cotton gloves and leave the wax for the whole night.

In the morning you can easily remove the wax residues from your fingers. It is desirable to repeat this procedure two times a week. One course of procedures is enough for a long time. The result tells for itself – nails do not exfoliate and become much stronger.

Bath for nail strengthening:

It is worth doing this bath twice a week. You need to mix in a large bowl such ingredients: two teaspoons of sea or cooking salt, three drops of iodine, 50 ml of water and 50 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The water should be warm. You should keep the tips of the fingers in a bath at least 15 minutes. Well dry your nails after the procedure, and then lubricate them generously with cream for hands and nails.

Ointment for strength of nails:

If your nails are too soft, probably they break rather often. In order to strengthen them and make them firmer, prepare a special curative ointment.

For this recipe we need beeswax again. So, take 4 grams of wax, a hard-boiled egg yolk and a bit of peach oil. Melt the wax on a water bath, add the peach oil and the egg yolk. You should get a homogeneous mass, similar to the consistency of sour cream. Pour the resulting mixture into a glass bowl and rub into your nails every evening.

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