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How to take care of shoes

There is nothing more detrimental to shoes than slush, dirt and dust on the road. Therefore, if you want your footwear to serve you a long time, it is recommended to take good care of it. And you do not need to spend much money on special care products, it’s enough to know a few tricks with which your shoes will become like new.

Stretch shoes with a hair dryer

Stretch shoes

To stretch the shoes with a hair dryer at home, you need to do the following: put on our leather shoes or boots over the thick socks and warm evenly all the necessary parts for half a minute. After that, turn off the dryer and walk in the shoes until they cool down completely.

Remember: you must keep the hair dryer at a distance of 10 centimeters from the shoes in order not to form stains or spots on the leather.

Refresh the look of patent leather shoes

patent leather shoes

Velvet fabric will help us in this matter. After you have washed your shoes, you need to polish it with a velvet cloth. If you take care of your shoes every day in this way, no one will ever think that your shoes are already several years old.

Refresh the look of suede shoes

Refresh the look of suede shoes

Under the influence of water, heat and other factors suede becomes rough over time. To extend the life of suede shoes and refresh the material you can use steam. This can be done very carefully with an iron, without touching the very fabric of the product, releasing only steam to the surface.

Remove stains from suede shoes

suede shoes

If you notice a fresh, greasy stain on your suede shoe, sprinkle it with talc or starch. These bulk solids will absorb all the dirt, so in 4-5 hours you can clean their remains with a brush and forget about the existence of the stain. For brown suede, in this case it is better to use the coffee grounds. It is applied in the same way and does not entail any unpleasant consequences.

Return white color to the soles

white soles

It’s not even a secret at all that toothpaste works wonders with white shoes. Take an old toothbrush and some pasta – it should be white, without color additives. Rub it into the sole. The tooth powder can be used with the same success.

Dry wet shoes

Dry wet shoes

With the help of the newspaper you can dry shoes made of genuine leather. Fill the shoe with lumps of crumpled newspaper or other suitable paper, and tightly ram it. Wrap the shoes with several layers of newspaper. Remember that the pages should not have photos and too much ink, and the packing needs to be changed after a few hours.

Extend the freshness of shoes

Extend the freshness of shoes

Vinegar will help to remove unpleasant odor from shoes. Wet a piece of cotton wool in 6% or 9% vinegar and wipe the shoes from the inside. After this, be sure to thoroughly ventilate them in the fresh air.

Soda helps to remove the smell of sweat. Pour some baking soda into the shoes and leave for a day, then just shake it or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. This method does not work if your sports shoes are made of black leather. You can replace the soda by a powder containing salicylic acid.

Get waterproof shoes

Get waterproof shoes

So that the shoes do not get wet, you need to lubricate them with linseed oil several times along the seams.

In the pharmacy you can buy medical vaseline and lubricate the surface of the shoes. Petroleum jelly repels water very well.

You can also process the shoes with castor oil. It is desirable to do this a couple of hours before use, or better before going to bed.

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