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How to take care of your hair

hairIt doesn’t matter what length of hair you have, it requires your care. But it is important to follow certain rules in order to bring benefit by your actions, and not vice versa.

I can’t say that these tips are great secrets, but we often make elementary mistakes, even when washing the head. Therefore, let us find out how to take care of hair properly.

Before the procedure of head washing, comb the hair thoroughly. Thus, greasiness and fine dust will be removed much easier and better.

Do not apply shampoo directly to the scalp right away. First, you should generously wet the hair, so that they are not semi-dry, and only then, foam shampoo in your palms and start washing.

Do not try to wash out the scalp by nails. It is recommended to do gentle movements with your fingertips.

Do not use too much shampoo. We don’t need thick foam.

If your hair becomes soiled very quickly, wash it as necessary. But do not rinse preliminarily by a small amount of shampoo.

Keep the shampoo on the hair no longer than for 30 seconds. Rinse with water for at least a minute, and rather thoroughly.

Washed hair should “squeak“, which means it is clean.

Before using hair conditioner, be sure to read the instructions in order to avoid unexpected and unfortunate consequences.

It is recommended to wash your hair with lukewarm water. This will allow suspending the allocation of subcutaneous fat for a longer period.

Do not wipe your hair with a towel vigorously and carelessly. It is necessary to dry strands of hair gently, and in general, you need to be particularly careful with wet hair, since in this state it is most vulnerable.

The towel must be always clean and fresh.

Give preference to natural materials for hair care when choosing brushes and combs for example.

Comb wet hair particularly gently (item 10). Use a comb with a few teeth, from the tips upwards.

Try not to blow-dry, or at least not very often. Dry your hair naturally as possible and then move on to styling hair using a hair dryer, set on minimum power and low temperature conditions – that is, reduce the chemical damage to a minimum.

It is important to wash out your brush and comb at least once a week. Do not forget about it, especially if your hair is prone to rapid contamination.

If your hair was exposed to dyeing or other unfavorable influences, be sure to monitor its condition and choose the corresponding care products.

If you plan to wind the hair on curlers or align your ringlets, first you should dry it thoroughly.

Frequent changes of various care products have a negative impact on the health of the hair (shampoos, conditioners).

Daily and proper care of hair will eliminate the need to treat it. Do not forget these simple recommendations.

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