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How to treat heels using lemon

Such an ordinary for us fruit as lemon that can be found in every fridge can serve not only as an ingredient for variety of dishes. No other product probably has so many useful properties. It’s time to learn that it is also an indispensable tool for the treatment of cracked heels. How does it work? The essence is in the following.

You need to prepare:

– 1 lemon

– socks

– moisturizing cream or oil for skin

half a lemon

You can take a used lemon that was left after your culinary delights. If not, you still have to squeeze juice from lemon since this therapeutic means requires only peel and a bit of the lemon pulp.

Further, if you have problems on your both heels, prepare two halves of lemon. If on the one – take one, and attach the crust of lemon as a cap on the heel.

cracked heels lemon

Put on socks over the lemon crusts, and forget about your feet for 30 minutes. This healing compress can’t be compared with any cream or ointment for cracks on the heels! Distressful dry skin on the heels just degenerates under the influence of the lemon peel.

cracked heels

After 30 minutes, take off your socks, throw away half a lemon and take a look at your heels. Lemon peel and pulp contain essential oils that magically soften skin and renew it. Thus, all the old skin cells are easily removed.

Lubricate a little your feet by the moisturizing cream or oil. For example, coconut oil suits well for this purpose. The cream will fix the result, and will help your heels to remain smooth for a long time, because after the lemon treatment all the nutrients of oil or cream very well penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

You will notice that the cracks have become less noticeable after the first procedure. For the full results, it is recommended to carry out such treatments on a regular basis, and your feet skin will be flawless!


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