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How to use coffee unconventionally

use of coffee

We all love coffee, as it’s almost a universal product. If you don’t drink coffee for some reason, you will definitely agree that there are a lot of variants to use it for other purposes, but still with benefit!

So, I want to offer some original ways to use coffee for household uses, cosmetics and many other variants of applying (of course, we are talking about the natural coffee).

Skin. Coffee is the easiest ingredient for a gentle scrub. When you have drunk the invigorating drink, do not rush to throw away the remaining coffee grounds, and collect it for a couple of days. Mix it with yogurt or sour cream, and massage the body. This natural scrub works better than many expensive professional cosmetic products – it refreshes, eliminates cellulite and provides the aromatherapy effect. (Later we will consider the recipes of scrubs using coffee.)

Stove. When we cook fish, nice appetizing aroma gives way to persistent unbearable smell, which lasts for several hours, or even days. Coffee will help us! Take some used coffee grounds or fresh ground coffee, and heat it on a clean dry frying pan after frying fish. Unpleasant smell disappears very quickly.

Tableware. Continuing the theme of kitchen, it is worth noting that coffee is a perfect eco-friendly cleaner for plates and cups, as well as for greasy pots and pans. You just need to apply it on a sponge for dishes and rub the dishes, then rinse thoroughly.

Hair. If you want to give gloss to your hair and refresh the hue, you don’t have to buy hair dye or expensive hair mask. Freshly brewed and slightly cooled coffee will help you in this matter. You can rinse your hair with the liquid, and the coffee grounds will be suitable for massage of the scalp. This procedure is useful for blood circulation; coffee frees the skin from dead particles that impede nutrition of hair roots; prevents dandruff.

Ants. If your home has become a haven of ants, you can easily drive them out and prevent the next invasion. For this purpose, you need to make coffee stronger than usual. Lay out the coffee grounds on the ant route and the places of their accumulation. Since they always go the same way, it will be effectively – ants do not like the smell of coffee, so your house will cease to attract them.

Jam. Do you like jam? And do you make it yourself? If you want to diversify the familiar taste and aroma of your favorite jam, you can use such a secret. Preparation is conventional – prepare fruits and mix with sugar. Then take slightly milled coffee beans, put in small gauze bags, put them into the future jam and leave for several hours. The intensity of fragrance of jam depends on the degree of grinding coffee. Cook your jam in the usual way along with the bags and remove them only after the end of cooking. The aroma of coffee particularly well suits to the peach jam.

Slimming. Coffee can serve as an assistant for weight loss. It is proved that black coffee is an excellent blocker of appetite. It is recommended to drink coffee during dieting from 12 to 17 p.m. It is important not to replace lunch or dinner by a cup of coffee – it can lead to serious problems with stomach. And in general, try not to become addicted to it.

Painting. Modern artists use different substances as paints. Thus, black coffee is suitable for the hue reminiscent of sepia. For example, the Romanian artist Adrian Mitu accidentally tried to use coffee when forgot his paints, and became famous in this field.

Mosaic. If you are a creative person and enjoy art, try to use coffee for creating a mosaic. Coffee beans of different shades – handy tool for this purpose. Choose beans depending on the ripeness and the degree of roasting – from white and green to brown of different shades and almost black. As the fixer you can use the usual glue. By the way, this is a great activity for playing with kids to develop motility.

Freshener and decor. Imagination will help you to use the old coffee beans in the decoration of your apartment – for candle making, creating of cute photo frames, filler of vases for aromatherapy. A good idea is to put some coffee beans into a pouch and hang it in the car – no freshener is needed when the aroma of coffee spreads around, don’t you think so?

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