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How to use lemon for household needs

lemon-advantagesThe use of lemon in our lives is a broad topic. It is helpful in many fields of activity: cooking, health, beauty and household needs. I propose to consider the last point and to understand how to apply this versatile fruit as home remedy.

Cleaning agent. Lemon is an excellent cleaner and disinfectant. Prepare the crust of lemon and vinegar. Put the lemon peel into a jar, fill it with vinegar and cover with lid. Leave this mixture for 2 weeks. After 14 days, filter the resulting infusion, dilute with water (50 to 50) and the cleaning means is ready for use.

Whitener. Lemon is also valuable in the household by such an advantage – ability to whiten in natural way. So, in order to give more fresh look to white cotton clothes and get rid of stains (eg rust), you should just add a little citric acid into the washing machine before washing.

Insect repellent. Ants can not tolerate the smell of citrus, so to get rid of them, pour the lemon juice on the baseboards, window sills and other places where they are hiding. Lemon is also effective against cockroaches and fleas.

Sachet. Aromatized pillow with lemon is a great way to deodorize clothes and repel moths. Take a cotton bag and fill it with dried lemon peel, cloves, juniper, cardamom and other spices and herbs to your taste. The pleasant aroma of your things is guaranteed.

Freshener for refrigerator. Lemon fresheners have gained popularity due to their ability to dissolve unpleasant odors in the aroma of citrus. Let’s use it for the fridge! Lemon zest perfectly absorbs unpleasant odors everywhere. You can spread the flavor of zest putting it in mesh bags in the door, for example.

Cutting board. Smells of onions, fish, garlic and many other products are not very pleasant when accumulate together and “are absorbed” by the cutting board for a long time, especially if it is made of wood. You can easily get rid of unpleasant odors by rubbing the board by a half of lemon.

Destroyer of limescale. Such an unpleasant thing as scum on the metal kettles, as well as heating elements in plastic ones, brings us discomfort. But in fact it is very easy to get rid of it – boil kettle with citric acid. After that it should be well washed and boiled again with clean water.

Cleaning of microwave. The recommendation is as follows: take a bowl for cooking in the microwave, fill it halfway with water, add a few drops of lemon juice and place in the microwave for 3-5 minutes at maximum power. Water boils and condensate forms on the walls of the microwave. It remains to wipe it with a towel, and the dirt will disappear as well.

Cleaning of knives. If you do not use knives for a long time, their blades darken and become covered with bloom. To remedy the situation, sprinkle the blade with sea salt and then rub by the lemon zest. The knives will be as good as new.

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