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How to use mint for health and beauty


Mint has always been considered a valuable medicinal remedy for many diseases. It is widely used in modern herbal medicine, aromatherapy, pharmacy and cosmetology. Let’s learn several useful recipes to ensure that it is full of medicinal properties.

– relieves spasms in the stomach

Mint helps to enervate muscles of the digestive tract and relieves spasms. Therefore, if you suddenly feel abdominal pain because of nerves, drink hot tea with mint or just warm water with mint and lemon.

– prevents infectious diseases

Mint has quite strong anti-bacterial properties. Include this herb into your ration on a regular basis and it will help your body much easier to withstand or even to reflect the infectious and fungal diseases.

– calms the tired feet

Refreshing properties of mint are related to the content of menthol, which very well soothes your tired feet after a long day. Mix the finely chopped mint leaves with sea salt and olive oil and rub your feet by this mixture and then rinse with water.

– relieves headaches

Headache is often associated with vascular spasms. Just as in the case of abdominal pain, warm tea with mint or just water with mint helps to get rid of pain.

– helps against nasal congestion

If you have caught a cold and it is already impossible to breathe, you do not have to buy special drops from the pharmacy. Brew mint by tea or hot water and make inhalation by breathing vapors of menthol. The action will be practically the same as after the use of nasal drops, but this method is natural and much cheaper.

– relieves stress

Mint is also known as a perfect light and natural sedative means, which helps you to reduce stress level and to remove disturbing feelings. Drink mint tea or brew it separately in boiling water.

– serves as prophylaxis of cancer

Scientific researches in the field of mint influence on the formation of cancer cells show that it slows down their development, especially it refers to skin, lungs and large intestine. Currently, there is no sufficiently reliable evidence, but still there is a chance that soon we will have another weapon against the deadly disease. Agree, drinking delicious tea for preventing serious illness is also not bad.

– used in cosmetics

You can make home-made soap or shampoo on your own, especially because it is very useful. In addition, home-made cosmetic products with mint in the composition gain an amazing flavor. Essential oil of mint can be found in a specialty store or just in the pharmacy. By the way, a drop of such oil can be added to the factorial creams and shampoos, the effect will be also luxurious.

– to create a refreshing tonic for the face

Continuing the topic of cosmetics, I want to suggest the following recipe. Take a large bowl, pour cold water and add the finely chopped mint leaves. Put in the fridge for an hour. Afterwards, plunge your face into this mint water or wipe the face with a moistened sponge. It’s incredibly invigorating and very good for skin!

– used for making ice cubes

If you carefully collect mint by yourself, store it at home, and noticed that it starts to spoil, do not rush to throw away a valuable herb – make ice with mint leaves. Then you can add a fresh note to the drink – these cubes can be put into water, lemonade or tea.


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