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How to use salt in household

How to use salt in householdThe importance of salt is often underestimated. Of course, this is not a useful product for health, and many people try to avoid it. This is a wise move in respect of proper nutrition. However, there are numerous ways to use salt for other purposes not related to cooking. Let us consider some of them.

So, salt is indispensable in the household, since it combines the properties of the abrasive – fine cleaning agent and sorbent – a substance that absorbs substances from the environment. Salt is capable to eliminate unpleasant odors and clean the surfaces no worse than soda or a special cleaning powder. Furthermore, salt is an excellent preservative.

1. Unpleasant sustained odor always remains after slicing onions. Rub the knife by salt and the smell will disappear.

2. If you hold the knife in a weak salt solution, it will be easier to sharpen the blade.

3. If milk burnt a little, add a bit salt into it and cool. The taste of milk must be improved.

4. Before frying, sprinkle the pan with salt and the heated fat will not splatter.

5. If the frying pan burnt, sprinkle the bottom with salt and leave for a few hours. After this procedure it will be easy to clean the pan.

6. The iron surface will be well cleaned and even glisten, if you heat it slightly and lubricate with wax. Then you should iron the cloth, sprinkled with salt.

7. It is recommended to rinse the dresses made of silk in cold water with salt in a ratio of 1 cup of salt per liter of water. This will help to preserve the brightness of fabric colors.

8. If you are going to do baking, sprinkle lightly the bottom of the form with salt. So, your cookies in the oven definitely will not burn.

9. Grey trace from tea and other drinks, which remains on the cups, will disappear if you rub them with salt. It works just as well as soda.

10. When you are preparing products for cooking, vegetables and fruits do not have time to wait for their turn and start to darken. To avoid this, you should put them in slightly salted water.

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