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How to use the molds for ice

We all withstand the heat differently – someone enjoys summer, someone is looking for a shop with air conditioning as soon as comes out into the street. But there is a thing that unites us. Ice! It is always valuable! Very often it is almost the only way to survive in the swelter.

Cubes of frozen water – the easiest way to use the molds for ice. Let’s consider some non-standard and therefore interesting, and of course, useful, ways to use these same molds.


Brew coffee, cool it and pour into the molds for ice. If you add these cubes into milk, you will get a delicious cocktail! You can experiment and add the cubes of coffee for example into the alcoholic beverages. Incidentally, a very useful advice for women – wipe your face and chest area by the cubes of frozen coffee! After a couple of weeks of use, your skin will thank you!



In addition to coffee, your skin will enjoy such procedures as wiping by ice with aloe juice or broth of parsley. These things are excellent natural cosmetic remedies. We will definitely return to this topic.



There is an interesting idea to freeze wine. It is profitably to freeze leftovers of wine in the cubes and then use for the preparation of some dishes such as sangria.



If the yogurt expiration term is about to end, you can also freeze it and prolong its life. Then it can be used in desserts, as well as, if you insert sticks into the molds for ice, you will get ice cream!



Various combinations of pureed fruits are well suited for those who like smoothies. Let’s consider some types of fruit separately.



The next item is an excellent option of refreshing drink in hot weather! Freeze orange juice and add the cubes into water – it perfectly tones up, quenches thirst, helps to fight the heat! In addition, citrus juices are a source of important vitamins! Frozen fruit juices and purees do not lose their useful properties when cooled.



You do not even need the molds for the preparation of this delicacy. Cut the watermelon into small pieces and place into the freezer!



Look at the picture and imagine how delicious and refined it is! It will be nice to please the guests by such a dish, or use in preparation of a romantic dinner. Lay out the strawberries into the molds and pour with melted chocolate – done!



Continuing the theme of a romantic date, where the strawberries are so perfect, I want to suggest another option. Frozen flowers look very exquisite and gentle. Put such cubes into a bucket for champagne and your girlfriend will be impressed!


Experiment, find your own combinations and Bon Appetit!

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