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How to whiten teeth at home

How to whiten teeth at homeNot all people like visits to the doctor, even if we remember the high level of professionalism and medicine as a whole. By the way, it’s not a cheap pleasure.

As for such an important fine point like teeth whitening, it is not the number one task to overcome fear of dentists. Why don’t we do it by ourselves at home, in comfortable conditions?

There are a few secrets. I want to share a magic recipe, which helps to deal with virtually all the diseases of gums, and at the same time, instantly whitens teeth, dissolves dental tartar and also heals small wounds in the mouth (any disease state in a mouth – periodontitis, gingivitis, blackness near the roots of the teeth, not to mention the bad breath).

I’m talking about the recipe of a special paste. To prepare it, you will need to take half a teaspoon of baking soda, add 10-20 drops of hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy of course) and a few drops of lemon juice (it is simply an irreplaceable assistant). Mix all the ingredients and your paste is ready.

How to use: dip a small cotton wool in this paste and thoroughly rub your teeth and gums from inside and outside.

How it works: soda perfectly cleans the teeth from plaque, lemon juice neutralizes soda, as well as gives freshness, and peroxide whitens teeth enamel and disinfects.

Important tip: after cleaning the teeth by this method, do not rinse your mouth for 15 minutes, do not eat or drink anything. Of course, you won’t like the taste. But the beauty demands victims! Therefore, don’t forget to do it regularly and you will like the result. The effect of teeth whitening is fixed over time and they remain white, even if you no longer use this toothpaste.

Recommendation – rinse your mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide for prophylaxis: 1-3 teaspoons of peroxide per 50 ml of warm water (useful for all disease states in the mouth).

Such teeth cleaning will give you confidence – teeth are so clean that shine like pearls, and a light scent of lemon gives a joyful mood!

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